Dalian weekend the weather is warm and cold air again next week masa-c

Dalian weekend next week the weather is warm and cold air another rain after the winter city is particularly warm yesterday, while the sky is clear, the temperature continues to rise slightly, the highest when the city reached 11.3 degrees, as if people stay in the fall, almost forget the winter. Due to the cold air to go-slow today, warm weather will continue, even the temperature will rise further, urban area is expected to come all day long 6 DEG ~13 DEG, the north wind is not the wind, even if not to wear clothes, go out will not feel cold, we can arrange the weekend travel safely. Although the clouds a little more on Sunday, but the warmth will be the main theme of the weather, the city’s total temperature of 7 degrees ~13. But in the early winter, cold air is the weather stage fully deserve the protagonist, depressed after a period of time, it will be back next Monday, then northerly winds will once again increase the land wind 5~6, the temperature will gradually drop. The city is expected Monday morning can barely came to about 11 degrees Celsius, but with the wind began to cool, then the temperature will go down, the night will be substantially reduced to around 2 DEG C, total temperature and weather on Tuesday will return to single digits, at 3 DEG ~8 deg. Fortunately, this cold air strength and impact time is limited, after Wednesday as the wind return, once again came to the city will be around 10 DEG C. Often Kewa相关的主题文章: