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Avoid These Obvious Mistakes While Decorating A Small Space Posted By: John Smith Often it happens that in your enthusiasm in decorating that special place of yours, you end up making the small space cramped and congested with some silly and totally avoidable mistakes. The idea of decorating your room is to make it look good and feel comfortable. But too much of anything can lead to disastrous results. Here is a guide to deck up and renovate small spaces without losing on the comfort factor and add more beauty and personality to your favorite rooms by avoiding these silly blunders: Playing It too Safe You feel like the space in your room is already so small, and to create the illusion of space you end up painting the whole room in white. Big mistake! Because in a few months you will be totally bored of the pristine white color and the room will surely not be inviting enough for you to spend some good time. Instead of playing safe, you can put up printed wall papers on the walls and also the ceiling if possible. It will instantly deck up the small space and make it look and feel fresh without cramping up any extra space.
designer kitchens and kitchen renovation designs Kitchen Renovation Ideas To Glam Up Your Favorite Place Posted By: John P Smith When renovating your house or the new flat that you have just moved in, it is a must to look after your kitchen space too so that it matches up with your needs and requirements. Most of the times, you are super enthusiastic about renovating your bedrooms or living rooms but the renovation regarding the kitchen space takes a back seat and finally, is hurriedly finished without giving some serious thoughts to the renovating ideas for the same. Here are some cook and affordable kitchen renovation tricks that you can utilize to perk up your place instantly: Use Bright and White Lights Always go for the broad and powerful lighting options and choose light holders that do not block the light in any manner, reducing the effect of clarity. Bright lighting options instantly cheer up the kitchen space, helps you locate things easily and aids in better visibility in the kitchen which is required the most for the perfect cooking procedures. After all, you do not wish to mix up salt with the baking soda container, right?
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