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Health An effective diet for gout is an absolute must in treating and controlling your gout. And an effective diet for gout must be low in ‘purines’. This short article lists foods that have low purine levels so that you may safely use them in your gout diet. It also lists those foods that you must eliminate from your diet. First though let’s look at what causes gout and the part that purines play. Let’s work backwards: The inflammation, redness, swelling and excruciating pain that you get when you have a gout attack are caused by needle-like crystals lodged in your joints and tendons. These crystals are formed out of excess / too much uric acid in your bloodstream. Uric acid is naturally formed when purines in your food and in the cells of your body are broken down as part of your normal body processes. Under normal conditions your kidneys control the levels of uric acid in your bloodstream and maintains these levels in a healthy, balanced state. But for a variety of reasons, such as kidney problems, illness, medical conditions, medications, weight, lifestyle, diet, etc., the kidneys can’t maintain normal healthy levels of uric acid, with the result that you have too much uric acid in your bloodstream. So you can see that there is a correlation between high levels of purines and gout. It thus follows that any effective diet for gout must consist of foods that are low in purines. Here is a list of foods that go to make an effective gout diet… Fruit & berries (especially cherries), tomatoes, celery, vegetables (not asparagus or cauliflower), foods high in vitamin C, low fat dairies, bread (avoid white flour products), cereals, tuna, salmon. Also drink lots of water (80 ounces per day). Foods to avoid in your gout diet are; red meat, offal, mincemeat, shellfish, herring, mackerel, sardines, asparagus, cauliflower, white flour products, yeast, yeast extract. Of necessity the list of foods above to make an effective diet for gout and the foods to avoid are summarized. In addition, gout is a rather .plex subject and important as diet is there are many other issues that impact your gout and your ability to over.e it and prevent it recurring. And if you’re suffering severe gout pains right now, the above diet for gout won’t give you relief nearly fast enough. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: