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Pets Diva Paws Boutique was created by an animal lover. This is easy to tell by the sheer number of options and products available on the website. With over 60 different lines represented in their online catalogue, Diva Paws Boutique meets the needs of their furry customers all across the greater Toronto area and all through Southern Ontario. Although this boutique style pet shop has been in business for 4 years online, they have just recently opened an in-home showroom in Georgetown in order to better meet the needs of their expanding customer base. By appointment only, you can browse the latest fashions in dog sweaters and cat clothes, view comfy beds just right for your pet and ask questions about any of the items showcased. Diva Paws Boutique at .divapawsboutique.. is not just your .mon dress-up shop for our furry friends. While they do offer a wide variety of fun and unique clothing items for both dogs and cats, they also know the importance of keeping our furry friends safe and .fortable. Safety for our pets includes water safety, and Diva Paws Boutique is a proud supplier of Skamper Ramps – water escape ramps designed to aid dogs and other furry four-legged pets to exit a pool easily and without risk of injury or damage caused to pool liners. Skamper Ramps are available in a Regular Skamper Ramp as well as the Super Skamper Ramp. All Skamper Ramps are mounted on the edge of a pool, or other walled body of water, and provide a way for dogs to climb [Skamper!] out of the pool without their claws scratching the pool lining. The Skamper-Ramp also works well with floating docks and houseboats. Using Skamper Ramps also drastically reduces a pets likelihood of drowning, which believe it or not is actually 1 in 1,028! Skamper Ramps are carefully designed from recycled materials, and are created to be used for both emergency and regular use applications. All Skamper Ramps are made from plastic which will not yellow, grow barnacles or be.e scummy when left in any kind of water including fresh water. Skamper Ramps only .e in one color-white, but this is for a good reason. Did you know that all living creatures-including your pets can see the color white-even at night? This makes Skamper Ramps highly visible to all animals, including uninvited guests. By making the Skamper Ramps easy to see, it helps to eliminate the need to fish dead snakes, frogs and possums out of your pool or desired swimming hole. Diva Paws Boutique is proud to be suppliers for Skamper Ramps, a much needed pet water safety product. With as much love as the Diva Paws Boutique owner Melanie Reinhart has for her pets, she is well aware of how devastating it would be to lose a furry member of the family. By offering these water escape ramps, she hopes that tragedy can be averted and that aging canine friends everywhere can go back to enjoying the water, with their owners confident of their ability to get back out on their own. Visit Diva Paws Boutique today at divapawsboutique to make your pool safe and ready for summer fun! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: