Driver’s license record 12 points to retake the traffic rules after the renovation of large pass

Driver’s license record 12 points to retake large traffic rules after the renovation of the pass rate was reduced according to the provisions of the "road traffic safety law", driver’s license record 12 points and above the driver need to retake the traffic regulations. East Canton reporter Zang Minghua interview yesterday resumed driving qualification examination, a total of 40 people to participate in the examination, and finally only 12 people through, pass rate is only 30%. Since the traffic control has been carried out, the passing rate of this kind of examination has been decreased obviously. Listen to the report: [the test of 86, the exam is really too hard] 86 points, 90 points away from the qualified line is still 4 points, did not pass. This is the seventy-seventh test of the more than 50 year old Mr. Lee in the past three years, and still ends up in defeat. Looking back three years ago, he was a taxi driver, because of speeding more than 50%, was recorded 12 points, has embarked on the road: "when the make-up variation is to send the guests to the airport, head, speed, 12 points are deducted, I have exam, exam a trip. For three years. For three years, Li Xiansheng has been reviewing, and has never been able to get through. He felt that the examination questions became more and more difficult: [review the computer, see some of the topics on the computer, some of the questions did not, I bought a book, the book has been back to the old, the title of the computer constantly updated, ah, can not keep up. Sometimes my computer subject to memorize, but the title, engage in Le, get headaches Le, really hard. I took a few tests, 89 points, and I didn’t pass a point. There are too many new questions. I’ve been doing it all the time, but I’ve been reviewing. I am now deducted, does not work "indeed as Lee said, the current recovery of exam driving qualified subjects a new license compared to exam more than 200 new questions, mainly to increase the content of local laws and traffic violations rectification action in which related to the content of motor vehicle serious violations and punishment measures, Shanghai implementation of the new measures to limit, driving test reform, and the accident" fast easy to lose. According to statistics, since April this year, the number of people to participate in the resumption of driving qualification examination more than thirty-two thousand people, the exam pass rate dropped from the previous 50% to now about 41%. With the difficulty of the examination questions, many candidates who have failed in the exam have been affected by their brains. Some people wear wigs to participate in the exam, and the transmitters and earphones are hidden in the sleeves, and even some people use glasses with pinhole cameras. Vehicle management City Public Security Bureau three branch police Lu Wenqian said that once the cheating is checked, punishment will be more severe: "we caught cheating in the exam was later suspended for one year, a year after the exam, to test, if the test, identity impersonation, we shall be transferred to the local police station the police again] your driver, to be law-abiding driving, once record 12 points, to restore the driving license is not easy! The above is reported by Zang Minghua

驾驶证记满12分需重考交规 大整治后考试通过率显降   根据《道路交通安全法》的规定,驾驶证记满12分及以上的驾驶员,需要重考交通法规。东广记者臧明华昨天实地采访恢复驾驶资格考试,一场共40人参加的考试,最终只有12人通过,通过率仅占三成。交通大整治开展以来,此类考试的通过率明显下降。请听报道:   [这次考了86,考试真的太吃力了]   86分,距离90分的合格线还差4分,没有通过。这是这位50多岁的李先生三年来的第77次考试,依然以失利告终。回想三年前,他还是一名出租车驾驶员,因为超速行驶50%以上,被记12分,从此走上了补考之路:   [那时候开差头,送客人到机场,速度快了,12分被扣掉了,我就一直考试,一趟趟考试。考了三年。单位里名字挂在那里,不好开车子]   三年来,李先生一直在复习,始终通不过。他感觉这考试题目越来越难:   [复习电脑上看看,电脑上有的题目有的,有的题目没有,我买了本书,书已经背得老熟了,这个题目电脑上不断更新啊,跟不上去。有时候我电脑上题目记熟了,但是这个题目出来,搞嘞,搞得头痛嘞,真的难考。考了几趟89分了,一分也不给我及格。新的题目太多了,我一直考不过,一直在复习。我现在扣掉了,工作都没有了]   的确如李先生所说,目前的恢复驾驶资格的考试题库相比新学驾照科目一的题库新增了二百多道考题,主要增加了地方性交通法规和交通违法行为大整治行动中的相关内容,其中,涉及突出违法行为内容及处罚措施、上海新实行的机动车限行措施、驾考改革,以及事故“快处易赔”等。据统计,今年4月以来,参加恢复驾驶资格考试的人数超过三万两千人,考试合格率则由以前的50%下降到现在41%左右。随着考题难度的提升,不少屡考不过的考生动起了歪脑筋,有人戴上假发参加考试,发套里藏着发射器和耳机,甚至还有人用上了带针孔摄像头的眼镜。市公安局车辆管理所三分所民警卢文倩说,一旦作弊被查,处罚将更为严厉:   [考试作弊被我们抓到以后呢,暂停一年考试,一年之后才可以再考试,如果代考,冒用他人身份证的,我们要移送当地派出所的]   交警再次提醒各位驾驶员,开车要遵纪守法,一旦被记12分,要恢复驾驶资格并不容易!   以上由东广记者臧明华报道相关的主题文章: