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Eat fruit and make these mistakes is equal to the free – Anhui Channel – fruit is nutritious food good, the girls do not love to eat fruit, nutrition and health that can help them keep slim, there are some women to lose weight by fruit instead of part of the dinner. But the premise is to eat the fruit is good, is not to say that you want to eat, if you make these mistakes, not only to eat, but also may cause harm Oh ~ eat too much for some girl on a diet, fruits and vegetables are few they can enjoy the food but the fact is not the case. Fruit sweet and delicious, it is easy to eat too much, it will dramatically increase the blood glucose and calorie content, not only for people with high blood sugar is more dangerous, but also easy to make people fat. Generally speaking, eat a whole fruit, such as an apple and a pear or a banana. Eat only fruit although a piece of fruit than a candy is better, but it is still possible to make your blood sugar rise. If the collocation some proteins, such as a piece of cheese or a cup of milk, nuts, can effectively solve this problem. The skin of the fruit is cut off because of fear of pesticides, many people are accustomed to eating fruit peel, but peel effect of composition of some fruit does not lose flesh. For example, apple peel, rich in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin A. The study found that eating fruit peel may reduce the risk of obesity and cancer. Under the premise of thorough cleaning, or suggest that you eat with the skin. Love to drink fruit juice freshly squeezed fruit juice is a lot of people’s hearts, which is much better than carbonated drinks. But the juice contains no fiber, compared to drink fruit juice, eat a piece of fruit or occasionally drink milkshakes better. And the juice is easy to drink too much, eventually increasing the intake of calories. What fruit to eat as well as each kind of fruit are nutrients, but they have the focus, overall, most of the darker fruits (such as dark peel grapes) than light fruit (such as bananas and watermelon) rich in antioxidants and less sugar. (commissioning editor: Feng Kejun (Intern), Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: