Eat taro will be fat Taro diet

Eat taro will be fat? Taro diet in autumn, the season of taro. The Mid Autumn Festival in addition to sweet cakes, thick Pu’er Tea, of course, the most festive taro! But it is easy to give the taro starch content is very high, it will eat taro fat? Eat not fat: taro taro is a perennial tuberous plant, per 100 grams contains 331 calories, 2.3 grams of protein, 0.2 grams of fat, 1 grams of dietary fiber, carotene, vitamin C 160 mg, 6 mg, 0.4 mg of vitamin E. In addition, also contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, iron and other minerals, this shows that taro is a very high nutritional value, low calorie, containing less fat, high protein and dietary fiber foods, can be eaten as a vegetable, but also can be used as food, starch components in taro very easy to be absorbed and digested, so taro is a very good diet food. Taro contains abundant cellulose and vitamin B, the amount of edible taro can play a slimming effect of these two substances, eat taro make not fat. Note: taro contains a lot of sugar, should not eat too much, eat too much will lead to obesity. Autumn diet: taro, taro porridge material: taro, oat rice, honey. Method: 1 firstly the taro skin removed, then rinse with water, and cut into blocks. 2 oat rice washed and put into the pot, add taro chunks, then pour in the water boiled together. The pot set the fire, first with the fire boil, and then turn a small fire cook, open the fire boil porridge, until the water boil and then continue to cook with a small fire, boil porridge can be poured out, and finally with honey seasoning is completed. Two, Steamed Spare Ribs with Taro material: Pig spareribs, taro, salt, chicken, soy sauce, starch, vegetable oil, sesame oil, sugar. Method: 1 taro peeled, cut at the end of 2; the ribs with a little salt, soy sauce, a little sugar, a little chicken powder, vegetable oil, a spoonful of starch, mix, pickled for standby; 3 will add ribs taro Ding, mix well, pour a little sesame oil; 4 pot boiling water pot, water steam 15~20 minutes. Three, material: sago and taro sago, taro, sugar, Coconut Juice. Method: 1 boiled sago: take a pot of water, boil, add sago, fire while cooking while stirring, when about 15 minutes until sago translucent, turn off the heat and simmer for 10 minutes until completely transparent, too cold, the mucus clean standby; 2 steamed taro: taro peeled, diced, steamer to with about 20 minutes to glutinous (chopsticks can easily pass through), 3 Coconut Juice: standby; cook Coconut Juice pour into the pot, add appropriate amount of water diluted, then add appropriate amount of sugar, boil and stir evenly into the taro sago. Taro and other food ingredients easily absorbed after cooking flavor, soft taste become greasy, sticky, but taro eat more easy to flatulence, can not eat.相关的主题文章: