Enjoy The Thrill Of A Parachute Jump Without Fear-plants war

Sports-and-Recreation Parachute jump created a new benchmark on Oct. 14, 2012 when Felix Baumgartner, better known as Fearless Felix, jumped 24 miles from a helium balloon. In the process, he broke not only the sound barrier but also the altitude record set half a century ago by a retired Air Force colonel. Baumgartner demonstrated that man can survive at high altitudes. For ordinary people like us, he also demonstrated how fascinating a parachute jump can be. Skydiving aficionados in the United States have been enjoying the drop zones in Eloy, Arizona, often called the Skydiving Capital of the world, testing their sensations in wind tunnels. Recreational activities range from mild to wild. Parachute jump is one such wild activity people find irresistible, whatever be the skydiving prices. However, this adventure sport does not attract all, even though some furtively dream of flying and then jumping defying gravity. They never try, because they dread. They have apprehensions that small mistakes can turn fatal or a flaw in the equipment can do them in. As you leave the aircraft, you will be hurtling down at speeds ranging from 90 miles to over 100 miles per hour, as per a skydive instructor. This is enough to give goose bumps even to the sturdiest. However, skydiving isnt all that dangerous. A lot of safety procedures are put in place before you go for a parachute jump. Trainers ensure you carry them out. Then, you have the technology to help you. All jumpers are assisted by automated activation devices (AAD) that set in motion the reserve parachute, if you fall faster than estimated at a predetermined altitude. In other words, AAD activates, if you are unable to deploy the parachute yourself. You can rest assured malfunctioning of AAD is very rare. The second argument in favor of skydiving is that even a rookie will have adequate skills and knowledge before he or she jumps. Rest assured that the instructor jumps along with the trainee until the learner gets trained in the basic skills. Here is the final nail in the coffin of fear. Skydiving has very low death rates, .pared to other wild activities. The average death rate is around 30 per 100,000 jumps. This is safer than scuba diving or board surfs. A parachute jump will pump your adrenaline, but will not kill you. This is a fact backed by parachuting statistics. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: