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Babies-Toddler I and my 3 year old daughter Sara are crazy about the Minnie mouse, her cute polka dot bow, her lovely girly voice, and, of course, her friend Mickey. Sara loves to watch the YouTube videos of these Disney characters and calls them Nickey Nouse and Ninnie Nouse . I have organized both her second and third birthday on the same theme, the Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Theme . Here are some decoration ideas that I used for creating the perfect Disney environment for the little Mouseketeers. Minnie Mouse head centerpiece: Take black foam and cut Minnie Mouse heads from it. At the center of the head, place a polka dot bow. Mount it on floral foam and cover the foam with white tutu or tulle fabric. This makes excellent centerpieces. I used them on both the birthdays and they are still in good condition. You can actually make a very large head and use it for entry door decoration by either hanging it from the door or by placing it at a corner for greeting the guests. Later, you can also use it for photo prop. Minnie Mouse Pinata: This is not only great for decoration but also for party games. Minnie theme pinatas are easily available at any party supply store. You can also make them at home with the help of few YouTube videos. I would re.mend you to buy one rather than struggling with the mess of Paper Mache, glue, paper, etc. Flower balloons: Make flower balloons and attach them to a stick wrapped with green streamers to look like a stem of a tree. Anchor this on a flower pot or, if you are having the party in your backyard, push it into the ground. This will make your house look like Minnie"s backyard. Tissue pompoms: Use zebra print papers to make these cute decorations. Take the help of some online tutorials, if you don"t know how to make them. Hang them from your ceiling or from the trees in your backyard. Buy the Minnie Mouse Party Supplies such as Minnie themed Balloons and club them with these pompoms for having an attention-grabbing decoration. Polka dot decoration: Minnie is often associated with the polka dot design. Whether it"s her dress or her headband, she loves this pattern. Use it for your party decoration. Buy red and white polka dot balloons for ceiling decoration, use a polka dot tablecloth, bake a polka dot cake, and give headbands to the girls to wear. The Minnie and Mickey are very popular themes to host parties. For making your party stand out of the crowd, you have to give special importance to decorations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: