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Fengjie County fairy village: 30 poor households out of poverty — take the initiative to apply for St Wu Hancheng Chongqing Channel – people.com.cn voluntary application out of poverty is careful tending their own orchards. Fengjie County propaganda department for map in October 8th, Fengjie County town of Zhu Yi fairy village 30 poor households approved "the line out of poverty", they are no longer poor households. 3 months ago, in the fairy village out of poverty will promote the work, Wu Hancheng, Chen Qiwu and other 30 poor households out of poverty to fill in the "voluntary application", press the red handprint, take the initiative to apply for "get rid of hat". The village is located in the Yangtze River, and Fengjie county only yishanzhige, 17 kilometers from the town of Zhu yi. The village Party branch secretary Ao Deping said, as early as 10 years ago, the village planted 5000 acres of navel orange, but by 2011 rural per capita net income is only 2000 yuan, 891 families in the village there are 73 poor households. "The road is not smooth, water is not convenient." Ao Deping introduced, along North Road, built in 1998 8 kilometers through the fairy village, but because there has been no hardening, embankment collapse, potholes, no traffic, transport fertilizer does not come in, send out at the same time, in the fairy village of navel orange; at an altitude of 175 meters to 1000 meters on the slopes, flash floods, rain water difficult day the villagers, production and living water is seriously restricted. The villagers Wu Hancheng, his wife is sick a year cost to nearly 40 thousand yuan, two children in high school year tuition costs 30 thousand yuan. Wu has 30 acres of orange, in good years, yield up to 5 million pounds, but because of poor roads, he can only pick up the river by boat, and then transfer to the county. Such a toss, my only sell to a small part of navel orange, the annual income of only 1.2 yuan, while the majority of fruit rot in the tree was hung. Wu Han said, when poor households, it can not be reconciled. In 2013, Chen Qiwu’s poor households of 300 strains of navel orange production reached more than 30 thousand pounds, because the road is blocked, only sell more than 7 thousand pounds. He said, Chinese water drought, high yield and sell. Later, Chen Qiwu simply out of work. Open up the last mile of poverty alleviation." Zhu Yi Town Party Secretary Yu Lijin, the fairy village is located in the suburbs, orange has entered the fruiting period, a good industrial base, mainly because the road, pool and other infrastructure is not perfect, so that the orange difficult to transport, "hardening of the village road is the key." It is understood that the whole along North Road 56 kilometers, passing through Lantau Peak, fairy hill, Mount Buffalo, 4 village of Zhu Yi Zhen fairy village, Yan W Village Industrial Development, poverty alleviation has a leading role. In 2015, Zhu Yi Zhen strive to 84 million 700 thousand yuan of project funds, the implementation of hardening area 28 kilometers along North Road, and promote the fairy village 25 km road hardening. At the same time, the new 3 pools, 11 remediation mountain Pingtang, repair of dangerous reservoirs 3, water storage capacity of about 13000000 cubic meters. "Now do not worry about water difficulties, not afraid of things can not go out." Last year, the 8 group of Yang Yubin back to the village, home carefully approaching 500 strains of navel orange, also invited technicians to help improve varieties. Chen Qiwu returned home to take care of the orchard, ""相关的主题文章: