Found the test site vulnerability of senior high school students Jiyang almost. dingxiangwuyuetian

Found the test site vulnerability of senior high school students Jiyang almost a major event at the age of 18 small high now sits in the university classroom, he is the most professional love computer, before this, because love computers, because they do not know the bottom line, he out of the event. Small high introverted, introverted children usually love to study, like in their own world to experience the joy of the heart. Primary school grade five, and a network of contacts, small high feeling seems to open the door to the new world. He studied the computer and the network, in the forum to answer other people’s technical problems, gradually become famous, become the focus, this feeling he never had in real life. As a result, he got into a bit more. Last year, the 17 year old high on the high school, one thing happened. He found an examination registration system in a test site is very simple to do the research for half a month, he found a loophole to get other candidates information. In May, a small high self-study computer programming knowledge to design a program, part of the examinee information on the website to download the information on his computer, including your name, ID number, name of the school and class, photos etc.. At the end of August 2015 the examination results came out, the query results to the ticket number, many students say forget the ticket number, then, in order to facilitate the students, of course also show the meaning of the little work to produce their own query website out through the WeChat circle of friends, forget to tell students how to login query ticket number. Since then, his site fire up, the highest amount of visits a day can have 35 thousand times. September 1st, the examination registration website belongs to the unit found a small high this site, alarm. It turned out that small high behavior has been suspected of illegal access to personal information of citizens crime. The public security case transferred to the Hangzhou West Lake procuratorate for examination and prosecution, West Lake procuratorate seized a "love sister" handling group (not seized, prosecutors nickname) review found that small high crime is for the purpose of showing off, the subjective vicious little data did not sell illegal access, decided to enable the special procedure of minors. In March 3rd this year, the small high of conditional non prosecution, and formulating the related measures for small high personalized, established education file. The next 6 months, is a small high inspection period, during which also experienced a small high tension for the college entrance examination. September 4th, the West Lake Procuratorate made a formal decision not to prosecute him, a small high in the law has become a free man, in accordance with the relevant provisions of his files will be archived.相关的主题文章: