Four Forces Making Work Increasingly Dynamic-candy candy

Software 1. Globalization: Work, of all forms, is migrating to its right location worldwide, allowing companies to leverage expertise anywhere and everywhere it resides. 2. The Millennial Mindset: "Digital natives," both as employees and customers, are creating new social and operating norms for companies, worldwide. 3. Transparent Technology: Cloud computing, social networking, broadband, and mobility are enabling new business and technology models that improve operational flexibility and knowledge sharing. 4. Virtualization: The virtualization of technology, business processes, and organizational structures is giving rise to the "anytime, anywhere" worker and causing organizations to rethink how they operate in a world where not every asset needs to be physically welded into their business. Together, these forces are allowing organizations to shift tasks to places where the talent and cost advantage can improve outcomes and operational performance. This is especially true in knowledge-intensive industries such as financial services, life sciences, healthcare, and information services and publishing, where pockets of expertise have emerged worldwide that can be cost effectively leveraged as an alternative to a static workforce. In response, organizations must rethink what is core and what is contextual to their businesses. They must also gain a deeper understanding of differentiating knowledge embedded in key processes that drive business effectiveness, competitive differentiation and growth. Bodhtree an early adopter of a profoundly disruptive shift in enterprise technology " cloud computing " and market size estimates which vary widely. This is partly because there are so many ways to define the services. Regardless of the definitions, all of the current studies suggest a strong growth rate. Technology and business decision-makers clearly want to partner with service providers who have a great set of assets and a commitment to deliver. Bodhtree is fully committed to expanding our existing solution portfolio to include cloud delivery options for our customers where appropriate. We believe that cloud-enabled solutions will be a source of significant value for our clients now and in the future, and we are making significant investment in alliances, skills, and new technologies to help bring this about. As one of the India’s top consulting firms, Bodhtree already offers a broad portfolio of IT services such as software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service. But we’re keenly focused on what the future will bring. To that end, we have developed frameworks and methodologies to help our clients assess their ability to create more collaborative and virtual ways of working. This enables us to work with our clients to build next-generation solutions that unlock business value from their existing operational processes and help globally-minded organizations achieve greater thresholds of business performance. You can write in to us for more details on our cloud services at [email protected] or just visit and initiate the conversation which will surely lead to mutual benefits. About the Author: Do you have nagging questions about investing in BIM for your small company? You don’t know if Building Information Modelling is right for you? We recommend not to miss out the benefits of this powerful tool. … 相关的主题文章: