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Frog after Luo Xuejuan exposes the beautiful pictures and the mid autumn festival for golf soon (Figure) has a "frog" reputation of the Olympic champion Luo Xuejuan (reporter Qi Shanshan) Mid Autumn Festival, a "frog" reputation of the Olympic champion Luo Xuejuan formally to share his pregnant good news. From Rolls Royce himself sent the photos, her belly has obvious uplift, the Hangzhou girl will soon upgrade when the mother! This exposes the beautiful pictures of Mid Autumn Festival night, Luo Xuejuan micro-blog wrote these moving words: "I love the people and I love people, thank you for your continued support and care! In particular, when I was the fans, although a decade ago, the media is less than the spread of the current, but after ten years of retirement to know that you have been quietly watching me, especially warm heart! This is the mother in the Mid Autumn Festival, I wish all the friends happy, healthy, happy, good luck!" In the picture, abdomen 32 year old Lolo dressed in a red skirt wrapped was uplifted, the tranquil and beautiful charm. The 2004 Athens Olympics, Luo Xuejuan won the women’s 100 meters breaststroke champion, is in low China avoid swimming without a gold. In early 2007, because of the body’s sake, the five World Championships gold medalist, Luo Xuejuan, 23, announced his retirement in his hometown of Hangzhou. Since then, Rolls Royce began a gorgeous, but did not completely withdraw from the sports circle. Especially as a native of Hangzhou, she is Hangzhou’s bid for the 2018 short course swimming world championships and 2022 Asian Games and a lot of power. Also, she is studying in the United States, swimming guest commentary guests, love running and golf…… And because Mr. Golf soon after the news spread, users have to Lolo blessing. Of course, there are also swimming fans out of the voice of the people: "God, I do not know when to get married!" In fact, in mid July this year, Luo Xuejuan appeared in Hangzhou Gongshu District marriage registration office and boyfriend licensing, on the news of her pregnancy are popular. It was July, in Beijing as a guest to attend an event, the host introduced Luo Xuejuan’s call is the "Olympic swimming champion, mother Luo Xuejuan, and the black dress dress Lolo specially wore a pair of black shoes, pregnant flavor. About the registration of marriage and pregnancy, Rolls Royce generously share with everyone, but the other half of the news about her little, then who is to win the "frog" heart? Until now, Luo Xuejuan’s answer is still very mysterious, (baby) dad is more low-key than me, we are through golf to know, so there is a common hobby." The news that Mr. Luo Xuejuan is not a sports circle, at the age of 40, work in Beijing.相关的主题文章: