Fujian provincial government executive meeting held by on speeding up the construction of strca1290

Fujian provincial government held executive meeting   through the implementation of the program to accelerate the construction of intellectual property province   – Fujian Channel – People’s original title: Fujian provincial government held a standing meeting 22, Fujian provincial governor Yu Weiguo chaired a provincial government executive meeting. The meeting through the "national ecological civilization pilot area (Fujian) plan" to protect the rule of law construction, to better promote and protect the ecological civilization construction in our province; based on accelerating the construction of strong intellectual property rights implementation plan, by the end of 2020 to achieve patents per million people has increased from 4.7 in 2015 increased to 7.5, foster a number of knowledge property enterprises, county and city; decided to accelerate the popularization of radio and television coverage to upgrade, by 2020 the basic realization of digital TV popularization. The meeting also looked at other matters. The meeting pointed out that strengthening and perfecting the rule of law protection is the objective requirement of accelerating the construction of the national ecological civilization test area (Fujian). We should according to the "Fujian province implementation of the" national ecological civilization pilot area (Fujian) implementation plan "task division plan", to further strengthen the system construction, steps and phases to improve the laws and regulations of ecological civilization in our province regulations system; according to the actual needs of the construction of ecological civilization in the test area in the process of application to suspend the implementation of law and administrative regulations; to promote the reform of ecological law enforcement system, promote the comprehensive law enforcement, joint law enforcement, improve the coordination mechanism, increase the intensity of the case investigation; to strengthen the cohesion and work of the judicial department, do a good job of administrative reconsideration, administrative mediation, administrative litigation, administrative law enforcement and criminal justice system construction work. The conference stressed that innovation driven development has become the priority development strategy of Fujian. The intellectual property system is an important guarantee for technological innovation, and an innovative province must be a powerful province of intellectual property rights. In order to improve the use and protection of intellectual property rights ability as the key point, to optimize the intellectual property rights of public service power supply side structural reform as the basis, to guide enterprises to improve the utilization of intellectual property rights, and create a good environment for the development of intellectual property rights, encourage public Entrepreneurship, innovation, and strive to create a strong intellectual property, provide strong support for the implementation of innovation driven development strategy. By the end of 2020, the number of invention patents per million population of 7.5, the amount of valid registered trademark of 700 thousand; foster a number of strong intellectual property enterprises, county and city. The meeting pointed out that to speed up the popularization of radio and television coverage to upgrade is an important way to build a modern public cultural service system. To receive, from the full realization of digital radio and television coverage of the full protection of basic public services, accelerate the construction of the emergency broadcast system, enhance the infrastructure supporting capacity, guide the cultivation of personalized marketing services, promote the construction of long-term mechanism in six aspects, and no line, cable and satellite three technologies covering, close to the actual needs of rural farmers production, popular programs, by 2020 the basic realization of digital TV popularization, to form a new type of radio and television coverage of urban and rural areas, convenient and efficient, complete functions, service coverage service system. (reporter Zhou Lin) (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Zhang Zijian) 福建省政府召开常务会议 通过关于加快知识产权强省建设实施方案 –福建频道–人民网 原标题:福建省政府召开常务会议   22日,福建省省长于伟国主持召开省政府常务会议。会议通过《国家生态文明试验区(福建)建设法治保障工作方案》,更好地促进和保障我省生态文明建设;通过关于加快知识产权强省建设实施方案,到2020年末实现每万人口发明专利拥有量由2015年的4.7件增加到7.5件、培育一批知识产权强企、强县和强市;决定加快推进广播电视村村通向户户通升级工作,到2020年基本实现数字广播电视户户通。会议还研究了其他事项。   会议指出,强化完善法治保障是加快推进国家生态文明试验区(福建)建设的客观需求。我们要根据《福建省贯彻落实〈国家生态文明试验区(福建)实施方案〉任务分工方案》,进一步加强制度建设,有步骤、分阶段地完善我省生态文明法规规章体系;根据生态文明试验区建设推进过程中的实际需要,申请暂停实施部分法律、行政法规;推进生态领域执法体制改革,推动综合执法、联合执法,健全协调机制,加大案件侦办力度;加强与司法部门的工作衔接,做好行政复议、行政调解、行政应诉、行政执法与刑事司法衔接机制建设等工作。   会议强调,创新驱动发展已成为福建的优先发展战略。知识产权制度是技术创新十分重要的保障,一个创新型的省份必定也是知识产权强省。要以提升知识产权运用和保护能力为重点,以优化知识产权公共服务助力供给侧结构性改革为基础,引导企业提高知识产权利用率,营造良好的知识产权发展环境,激励大众创业、万众创新,努力创建知识产权强省,为实施创新驱动发展战略提供有力支撑。到2020年末,实现每万人口发明专利拥有量7.5件,商标有效注册量70万件;培育一批知识产权强企、强县和强市。   会议指出,加快广播电视村村通向户户通升级是构建现代公共文化服务体系的重要举措。要从全面实现数字广播电视覆盖接收、充分保障基本公共服务、加快建设全省应急广播体系、提升基础设施支撑保障能力、引导培育个性化市场服务、推进长效机制建设等六个方面入手,统筹无线、有线、卫星三种技术覆盖方式,紧贴农村农民实际需求,制作喜闻乐见的节目,到2020年基本实现数字广播电视户户通,形成覆盖城乡、便捷高效、功能完备、服务到位的新型广播电视覆盖服务体系。(记者 周琳) (责编:吴舟、张子剑)相关的主题文章: