Game Review – Mortimer Beckett And The Lost King Premium

Games The games overall concept is just the same as it was in previous editions, namely to find items that allow you to advance along to further stages in the game. This point and click game puts you in the shoes of Mortimer Beckett, an adventurer wrapping up his journeys through time in this series previous title, Time Paradox. Unfortunately, Mortimer now finds himself in a faraway land once again, tasked with the goal of rescuing a missing king and restoring him to power. He must not only find the lost king, but also the magical jewels missing from his crown in his land in efforts to liberate the land from an evil, oppressive general who has usurped the kings reign. Players help Mortimer get through his newest adventure by solving puzzles, sniffing through dozens and dozens of hiding spots for clues and useful items to help advance him along. As with all games in the hidden object game genre, the basic premise behind The Lost King is to find useful items serving puzzle pieces that allow you to interact with other characters and objects in the game. In some cases, the player is faced with finding an item or .bination of items in order to unlock reveal a new area, interact with a character, or unveil a much needed item. With an engaging storyline, interesting characters, pleasant sound, and vivid graphics, Mortimer Beckett and The Lost King appeals to a broad spectrum of casual gamers, including those who arent necessarily huge fans of hidden object games. This is due to the fact that some levels have mini games which include additional mini-game challenges like tile matching games. Its hint system is very helpful as well, especially for the lazy and unmotivated. The cut-scenes between each level will certainly entertain those who enjoy Pixar-like movies. If youre the type of person that likes those puzzles you find in newspapers where you must find all of the differences between two photos, then you will absolutely love this game. Unfortunately, the game does possess a few drawbacks. Some characters cannot be interacted with, making it frustrating and a bit boring when entering a screen lacking character interaction. Some of the characters, such as the dwarf in the mine or the fair in the mushroom garden, dont do anything at all. Another problem with the game is that objects dont change location each time the game is played. Items are always found in the same place, thus eliminating most of the re-play value of this otherwise decent title. Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King is suitable for all ages and audiences. The premium edition includes a strategy guide and bonus game titled Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King Jigsaw Puzzle. It will be available to GameHouse FunPass members prior to the standard edition being released. It requires a .puter running Windows XP or greater with a Pentium 4 800 MHz CPU, 256 MB of RAM and DirectX 7. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: