Google pixel all kinds of violence tests for water resistance and bending resistance are highlights unfccc

The Google Pixel violence test waterproof and anti bending is the highlight of the Tencent digital news (Translation: Esther) all new machines just listed, are subjected to a severe test, what is resistant, falling, bending and even burning and waterproof violence test. As is currently on the market Android flagship, Google Pixel naturally escape this fate. The Google Pixel violence test waterproof and anti bending is the highlight of the famous JerryRigEverything recently began to Pixel conduct a series of tests, the test is blue version of Pixel, including the abrasion resistance, bending test and lighter. Pixel uses the Corelle fifth generation gorilla glass panel, while the back is a metal shell. As with most of the fifth generation gorilla glass models, Pixel screen hardness ranged from 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs hardness, so basically includes keys and coins in the backpack of these common hard items will not leave scratches on the Pixel. Not enough to leave a slight trace on the screen when using a knife. In the back of the scratch test, the metal paint is easy to be spent.. The camera part is left behind traces, with the fingers can erase most of the scratches, is not very obvious. The side frame part is also the same as the metal material, so it is easier to scratch. Pixel fingerprint sensor seems to be covered with a thin layer of rubber coating, so it is also very easy to scratch, but this does not affect the fingerprint recognition function, there will be no essential impact. After baking the Pixel screen with a lighter, although it will leave a little trace, but will slowly disappear, there will be no obvious damage. In the final bend test, Pixel performed quite well, with little change in the force applied from the front. From the back pressure after the start, just slightly bent a gap, but there is no change in the overall bending, bending performance of the overall satisfactory. On the other hand, there are also on the Pixel of the water resistance test. Google to the official Pixel waterproof rating of IP53, so the water quality is relatively poor, but from the specific test performance, Pixel waterproof than we imagined a lot better. Of course this test is only a relatively short time, so if it is accidentally fell into the water to see what Pixel is not much of a problem, but we still do not suggest that you own to try, after all, if because of improper use of water damage, which is not within the scope of warranty Google. We see that this test, Pixel in the water for more than and 30 minutes after the water and no damage, and Pixel can also be used normally. So although Google to Pixel waterproof rating only IP53, but in fact the performance is far more than this level. However, it is not certain that this is not an accidental performance, so we do not recommend that you take a bath, swimming, or Pixel for a long time with the water contact operation. Source: slashg.相关的主题文章: