Guangdong to set up anti fraud telecommunications network security center bank payment ZhuiZang link segotep

Guangdong to set up anti fraud telecommunications network security center bank linkage payment ZhuiZang original title: Guangdong established anti fraud telecommunications network center to multi ZhuiZang multi arm loss Nanfang Daily News (reporter Liang Wenyue Hong Yiyi correspondent Luo Lipeng Wang Xiao a Wang Wei) the afternoon of September 30th, Guangdong province against governance telecommunications network new illegal crime Center was established at the Provincial Public Security Bureau inaugurated 21, while the establishment of the anti fraud center. The opening ceremony, vice governor, provincial public security minister Li Chunsheng stressed the need to further improve the mechanism of the police closely tied the members of the unit operations, to form a cohesive force, much more, stop payment, ZhuiZang rolled loss, build a strong build real "electricity fraud firewall". Fast payment, quick strike combat governance telecommunications network new criminal center area of about 300 square meters, according to the functions are divided into the comprehensive study room, capital disposal room and information disposal room. Reporters saw the police criminal investigation, and the major commercial banks, telecommunications operators and other departments have been officially stationed in the office. Different from the city center is anti fraud, the main functions of the provincial center is to coordinate and organize the investigation command, to combat and prevent early warning, fast connection case, rapid coordinated and rapid notification and rapid strike on the province’s telecom fraud. It is understood that the provincial anti fraud center does not bear with alarm function, it is how to operate? I saw at the center, there are 6 large screens on the wall, the real-time display of the province’s 21 cities electricity fraud police intelligence dynamic distribution, including the number of bank cards, the successful implementation of the intercept disposal involving bank card number, pseudo base station monitoring information. Director of the Provincial Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Bureau Lin Weixiong, municipal anti cheat center received a fraud alert transferred to the 110 command center, the province will be entered into the anti fraud of the linkage platform involved in a bank account to start an emergency stop, the system will alarm the accounts involved in capital banks pushed to the disposal room seats, to trace the flow of funds and freeze. At the same time, the telephone, the web site will be pushed to the operator seat and seat sealing query, network security. 100% phone users real name registration of Guangdong banking regulatory bureau of the person in charge of a commercial bank, agricultural bank, construction bank and other 7 banks currently stationed in the provincial anti fraud center bank, more banks will be stationed in the future. The banks are with resources and privileges stationed, can assist the public security organs involved in the rapid collection of account balances, water, frozen account." Mobile, Unicom, telecom three communications operators also stationed all the provincial anti fraud center, the province can link telephone, SMS or the illegal Web query, plugging or shut down. Provincial Communications Authority, the person in charge, from October 1st, no real name registration will be forced to stop the phone, the next will lead the industry to go all out to support the fight against telecommunications fraud in Guangdong. It is understood that this year, Guangdong public security organs of the organization, the 9 "hurricane" cross regional cross-border combat net action, captured from Thailand, Kampuchea, Malaysia, Burma and Armenia and successfully escorted home 286 suspects. Also organized an ANN network 1, No. 7 action.相关的主题文章: