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Hefei City, 7 bus lanes built at the end of October prohibited social vehicle preemption since 2013 successfully selected the second batch of transit city to create demonstration city, Hefei continued to increase efforts to promote the construction of bus lanes. In September 18th, according to the Hefei Municipal Bureau of key news, the second batch of 7 bus lanes at the end of October is expected to be formed, it is worth reminding that the road will be used to monitor and capture the vehicle in two ways to prevent social vehiclestaking. The picture shows the construction of the platform of the road and the construction of the road surface decoration. 7 bus lanes is expected to the end of October built at present, the first batch of Hefei 4 bus lanes have been put into use, respectively, Fuyang Road, Mengcheng Road, Longchuan road and Xiyou rd.. The second batch of 7 bus lanes with a total length of 63.6 kilometers, including Wangjiang Road, Jinzhai Road, Yuxi Road, Linquan Road, Ziyun Road, Tongling Road, Ma On Shan Road – River avenue. Among them, Wangjiang Road (Fangxing Avenue – Tianzhi Road) bus lane length of about 10 km, after the completion of the proposed addition of a bus station between innovation Avenue and Graptopetalum paraguayense Road, the site on the north side of South District, Xiang Yuancheng science first research institute. Jinzhai Road (Mount Huangshan road – beltway) length of bus lane about 6.7 km by road conditions, Wangjiang Road, eighteen station for the side platform, the other 9 sites are central island platform. Yuxi Road (Tongling road – zhongyoufang Road) bus lane length of about 6.7 km, according to the Chinese road bus rapid transit lane construction, including the construction of 10 central island type BRT platform. Chinese bus platform under the viaduct road using 8m wide central green belt, bilateral stop, pedestrian crossing through the intersection signal lamp. Linquan East Road (Tongling North Road – Xiang Helu) bus lane length of about 10.2 km. Among them, Tongling road – Dangtu Road with the right way to open the door design. Dangtu Road – twenty port river into the design implementation of synchronous post road reconstruction. Twenty port river – peaceful sections in the fast lane outside the bus lane. Ziyun Road (Jade Road – Guangxi Road) bus lane length of about 10.3 km. Among them, the emerald road – Beijing high-speed section of the new Chinese bus station platform. Beijing high-speed Guangxi section of the new road bus station. Tongling Road (Wangjiang Road – North Second Ring Road) bus lane length of about 6.6 km, including 10 newly built road platform, retain the original 4 stations. Ma On Shan Road – River Avenue (Wangjiang Road – Valley Road) bus lane length of about 13.1 km, 16 site planning. At present, the second batch of the 7 bus lanes and station road construction basically completed, is expected to be built at the end of October. Social vehicles to seize the special road will be arrested for fear of planning, the proposed 21 bus lanes in Hefei corridor, the total length of 450km. Among them, to 2020, to build 302.6km, after the construction of 108.7km in 2020. This means that the city’s public transport network in Hefei will be more and more developed, to solve the daily travel of the people, energy conservation and emission reduction, mitigation of urban traffic相关的主题文章: