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Outdoors I have discovered the most awesome camping spot just outside of Helen Ga. It’s called Sleepy Hollow. They could not have come up with a better name. The name fits the atmosphere, and definetly the environment. I can remember growing up as a youngster camping out on my aunts farm down in the deep south. The Sleepy Hollow Campground took me right back to those warm memories. The campground sets on a mix of huge open fields with a gorgeous mountain view surrounding the campiground. There is so much open opengreen space at this campground, that one literally feels like they have an entire farm to themselves. There is old broken down farming equipment lying around, along with old fencing that once separated pasture areas, and a nice small cascading mountain stream flowing through the entire campground. Deep forest areas with massive trees that give the feel that anything could pop out of the forest at any minute, and run across the open fields around the pastures. The opportunity to witness wildlife here is high; in fact, I did see a whole slew of turkey running across a field. There are primitive tent sites with no water or electricity, and tent sites with both water and electricity. There are also RV sites with adequate utilities. There are two fairly clean bathhouses, a decent size picnic pavilion, and a kids play area, and all the open space you could ever need for outdoor family sporting events such as a game of basebalfootball. If you’re a fisherman, you will want to visit this campground just for the huge private lake that is under-fished, and slap full of some huge large mouth bass. The great part is every time I have ever fished here; I’ve never seen more than a few other people fishing at a time. If sitting out at a aweesome quiet mountain lake till the wee hours of the morning with a lantern and fishing for crappie grabs your fancy, then Sleepy Hollow Campground is for you. You can sit out here as late as you feel, and fish till your cooler is full. The old folks that own this awesome campground are true down to earth country folks, and the type that one can sit around the camp store, and just talk to for hours. This place is also just minutes from outstanding trout fishing in helen Georgia and just a few minutes down the road are a couple of the best breakfast place a camper could ever need, one is aunt B’s, and the other is the breakfast buffet at the Unicoi State Park lodge. I must to say I definetly enjoyed camping at Sleepy Hollow campground, after about 10:00 pm, all I could here was crickets, and the cascading mountain stream rushing by my tent. The atmosphere took me back to my younger years as a boy, and the facilities were just modern enough for comfort, yet rugged enough to give one the feelexcitement of a true wilderness camping experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: