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Home-Based-Business Herbalife International is probably the largest Wellness .pany on the planet, The founder of Herbalife, Mark Hughes started the .pany way back in 1980, Mark Hughes started selling the first Herbalife products,f ormula 1 and formula 2 from the trunk of his car, today the .pany operates in over 60 countries and has over 30 million people taking it’s products worldwide.And is the main shirt sponsors of the L A Galaxy of which David Beckham plays for. The Herbalife business opportunity works, it’s stood the test of time, remember it’s been around since 1980,A lot of new nutrition .panys only last 12-24 mths,Now the products work (I should know as I’ve used them ) and the weight loss market is huge, So the burning question is. WHY are there so many Herbalife distributors that DON’T succeed? That’s the million dollar question! Success starts by putting proven systems together, optimizing them and most importantly implementing them. Now the Herbalife .pany training system, like that of most other MLM .panies, uses old school ways of selling the products and sponsoring distributors. They range from putting out thousands of flyer’s, doing surveys in shopping centres and town centres, giving out DVDs,alot of face to face belly to belly contact,Also spending out hundreds of dollars on buying leads and biz adds and doing business opportunity meetings. Now all of these methods do work but not with huge numbers, So whats the answer.. Learn how to build a successful Herbalife business in three simple steps. 1. A system to follow Chances are if they are seeing success in this industry, their team is still struggling to duplicate because there is no system in place, 2. Leads & Traffic They have no idea how to funnel 100+ quality prospects through their sales funnels. 3. A leader to follow This is really #1… leadership is the greatest .modity on earth, period, If your sponsor is not doing the do then how can they show YOU. Now if you implement these simple steps into your business, you and your group will be.e very successful and build a huge Herbalife business. To your success Nigel Warner About the Author: 相关的主题文章: