Highway police checked the luggage compartment of the bus to hide 2100 wild animals 8l9840

Highway police stopped the bus luggage compartment hidden 2100 wild animals long-distance bus ride through the toll station, check the luggage compartment filled with poultry. The driver said that the delivery of dove, in fact, a total of more than 41 boxes of more than 2100 wild animals. Around 8:20 on the evening of November 3rd, the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau Highway Police Corps Xianning police brigade in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao high-speed toll station on duty, found a case of illegal transport of wild animals. In the day of the inspection, the police on a bus bound for Zhongshan to carry out safety checks. In accordance with the rules of duty, need to check the luggage compartment. When the bus driver Lee opened the compartment, a stench smell. I saw the baggage filled the box, the box is living birds. Lee claimed to be domesticated dove. When the police asked him to produce the relevant transport procedures, he rendered speechless. In view of the findings are living animals, species can not be identified, and a huge number, the police immediately contact the Chibi forest public security departments to the scene. After the forest public security departments on-site inspection, the box is filled with doves, moorhen, pheasants, wild geese, wild duck and other provincial protected wild birds and hare, a total of 41 cases of a total of more than 2100 only. After asking the driver Lee learned that the passenger is currently in the off-season, in order to make money, he used the vehicle with goods to earn extra money. The goods are shipped with a consignment sent to Guangzhou, leaving only the phone number to the station to receive goods. As the driver of the vehicle can not provide the necessary animal quarantine certificate and wildlife transport permit and other relevant documents, the case has been transferred to the Chibi Municipal Public Security Bureau for further investigation.相关的主题文章: