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HipHop man God full Shu Ke: we are not bad kids – Fuzhou, October (Xinhua) 30, (), a lot of people on the HipHop culture misunderstanding, think it is full of rebellious negative energy music. However, the core of the HipHop culture is actually cheer up, will release the pressure, in order to better progress. So, we’re not bad kids." On the evening of 29, the HipHop Party — the "shock Rong door" in Fuzhou staged shock, with "HipHop God" with Shu Ke came to the scene, Fuzhou fans presented a musical feast. HipHop comes from the African American, the HipHop culture originated in the last century in the United States in 60s, including rap (Rapping), DJing (DJing), graffiti, hip-hop (Graffiti) (Breaking). In the early 90s of last century, HipHop was introduced into China, and began to flourish in the middle of 90s. From the first song of the same name "Young Jack" to the present, with Shu Ke has released hundreds of original rap singles. Li Nanxuan photo began to do the original intention of the HipHop music, because the handsome." Shu Ke is full of Xiamen Music Loop’s music toy rapper, when performing on stage very cool "fan" he, in the audience was a neighbor. "To make myself have been handsome down, so I always insist on writing, insist on doing their own music." From the first song of the same name "Young Jack" to the present, with Shu Ke has released hundreds of original rap singles. Among them, "those years overtake girl Remix rap version of" this song, is to let more people know the full name Shu Ke, also fell in love with HipHop culture. "HipHop culture is very close to people’s living, you can speak freely to express feelings through it. In the face of the real self, the release of their own pressure, which is the HipHop culture to bring you feelings." Are so many singles with Shu Ke, lyrics are described in details and feeling close to people’s lives, people resonate, empathy. Outside the misunderstanding of the HipHop culture, full Shu Ke also some frustration. "In China, more people are able to accept HipHop culture, young people, many older people see HipHop can only think of rebellion or negative energy. In fact, we just sing the most authentic, we just do ourselves, we are not bad children." Shu Ke and passionate fans interact. Photo by Li Nanxuan it is understood that the "shock rongmen" music party has been held for 3 years, with Shu Ke and his own Music Loop minis music team also is the third time to participate in. Seeing more and more young people fall in love with HipHop culture, Shu Ke felt that he saw the future of Chinese HipHop culture. "The development of HipHop culture in China is full of hope, we believe that there will be more people to accept and love HipHo相关的主题文章: