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Home-Improvement Knowledge is power and homeowners deserve to know the truth regarding the single largest financial and emotional investment most of us will ever make – our homes. Everyone wants to live a more "Green" energy efficient lifestyle. Everyone wants to save money. Everyone wants to breathe cleaner, safer air in their home. These are all important reasons to demand a Residential Manual J Load Calculation done on your HVAC system. The MOST important reason however is that someone, probably you, will be living in that home for decades to .e and you deserve to be .FORTABLE! Think about it, every room in your home is a different size, has a different number of windows, and houses a different number of appliances. If your HVAC contractor sizes and places your energy equipment, which costs thousands of dollars, without a Residential Manual J Load Calculation, the efficiency of that system will be in question. Many cities currently require a J Load Calculation done before the contractor can get a building permit. YOU will not be eligible for the rebates offered through energy programs without an "Air Conditioning Contractors of America" or "ACCA" Certified Residential Manual J Load Calculation. There are currently only four ACCA approved Residential Manual J Load Calculation softwares: WrightSoft, Elite, Nitec and ADTEK. Make certain one of these software programs is used on your HVAC calculation to ensure you are eligible for the Build Green, LEED and Energy Star rebate programs. The aforementioned WrightSoft software .pany and ACCA have been partners since 1986. As the original ACCA Technical Partner, WrightSoft’s 20 year relationship is longer than all the other software partners .bined. A large number of state inspectors use WrightSoft exclusively for code enforcement. So Homeowners, now you have the knowledge, exercise your power: To live in a "Green" more efficient home, save money, breathe cleaner safer air and most important LIVE .FORTABLY, you must demand an ACCA Certified Manual J Load Calculation is done on your HVAC System! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: