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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Sako rifles are well known among firearm users for their innovation in design with their every edition and series. Sako TRG and Sako 85 cater to law enforcement agencies, military and also hunters. The legendary Sako accuracy and ruggedness in present in all its rifles. Sako 85 rifles is also a unique range that has unique features and weighs extremely light. The two models of Sako A7- Sako A7 Synthetic Stainless and Sako A7 Synthetic. From the genuine Sako rifles range, these models have a changed look and making that makes them popular modern weapons. Available in both medium and small size, there is a variety of option in calibres too. For fast recoil, the bolt has three instead of one locking lugs and fast cycling is done with 70 degree angle locking. Durability of the Sako rifles are enhanced by inserting one nitrated steel plate. For every cartridge that is used, there is a polymer magazine. Steel collars integrated within the rifle also allow easy loading of bullets without even removing the magazine. This feature is extremely time saving. The Sako A7 Synthetic Stainless model is highly weather resistant and the stainless steel frame is corrosion free as well. The steel barrel also makes the rifle weigh lighter. It is also a bolt action rifle with black stock. The look is extremely sophisticated. The picatinny rail on the receiver is drilled to facilitate mounting of sights and scopes. The grilled base for the mounts is also easily replaceable from the market. Another significant design feature is that the magazine can be loaded from the top of the rifle and the magazine spring is also stainless. Total Control Latch is held in place to avoid loosening. Another model is the Sako A7 Synthetic that has a similar black steel type barrel, black barrel that is completely free floating and cold hammer forged and reliable magazine holder just like the Synthetic Stainless model. The only difference is that this model is used for light hunting and for small targets. The co-polymer variety of stock facilitates better and fast handling and good grip. It has multiple action mode such as short action and short magnums. There is a single-column detachable magazine loaded in the rifle that can fire up to 3 rounds of bullets. Compared to other Sako rifles, such as the Sako TRG, the Sako rifles are not hard core hunting weapons. For small target acquisition, they are ideal. They are mostly used in day time expeditions by passionate rather than professional hunters. The most significant part of the Sako A7 rifles is their stainless steel designs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: