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The amount of people who want to get fit and lose weight why using the Best Adjustable Dumbbells is massively increasing around the country as more people be.e conscious about there weight and figure but most importantly there health. A lot of people are choosing to go to the gym however gym memberships are very expensive so i looked for alternatives and was not surprised to see that it is extremely popular to workout in the .fort of your own home with your own equipment at your own pace with your own music. The best thing about working out at home is having your own equipment you can use on your own, One of the most important piece of equipment are adjustable dumbbells. However there are so many different kinds of dumbbells for sale in the shops and on-line so people get confused when choosing the best adjustable dumbbells for them, and that is exactly the reason why i first set up this easy to use website back in 2010 to help you pick the best adjustable dumbbells for you, The website is updated daily! So lets .pare the Top 5 Adjustable Dumbbells available on-line, I have fully searched and sorted them into an easy to use .parison table below which will make it easier for you to .pare the features are each dumbbell set. —————————————————————————————————————————————————– Bowflex SelectTech 552 | Ironmaster 75 lb | Weider SpeedWeight | PowerBlock Elite | Bayou Fitness Pair —————————————————————————————————————————————————- Weight Range(Pounds):5 to 52.55 to 7515 to 605 to 9010 to 50 Increments (Pounds)252.5555 HandleRubberChrome platedErgonomic Hand GripsPaddedSteel Stand IncludedNoYesYesNoNo Warranty (Years)2Lifetime90 Days101 Amazon Rating (Out of 5 Stars)4.5 (707 Reviews)4.8 (75 Reviews)5.0 (1 Review)4.9 (35 Reviews)4.2 (66 Reviews) My Personal Ranking1st (Top Best)2nd3rd4th5th —————————————————————————————————————————————————- In my personal opinion the bowflex adjustable dumbbells are the best out there right now and give you massive value for your hard earned bucks! They are best suited to myself as they are the ideal weight as i build my body up without overdoing my workout, I can easily adjust the weight and gradually increase it as i get stronger, Perfect! The handle is a rubber ergonomic design which is extremely safe and saves any dangerous slips and gives excellent grip. I know most people do not care about the look of there gym equipment but i like good looking products from the look of my TV, Car right down to my gym equipment and i think you will agree the bowflex is a very stunning looking adjustable dumbbell with a fancy red on black design. My Full Review on the Bowflex Select Tech is Here. Lets Have A Closer Look The Other Top 4 Best Adjustable Dumbbells Like with any decision we make in life it is human nature to want the best we can get for the amount of money we have to spend so for starters the top 5 .parison table but i am sure you want more details right ? Lets have a closer look with some real user reviews on the rest of the best adjustable dumbbells. 2. PowerBlock Elite 90: The PowerBlock Elite 90 adjustable dumbbells .es with two individual dumbbells that range from 5 pounds to 90 pounds. Adjusting in 5 pound increments, these top selling weights are unique in that they have a pull-pin adjusting system, just like the weight stacks in the gym. This gives you 9 different weight settings that allow you to perform over 30 different exercises. The padded handle grips give you a firm grasp on your workout experience, while the 10-year warranty provided by the manufacturer reassures you that this is one quality set of adjustable dumbbells. Once again, since these dont .e with raised stands, traditional storage methods will have to do. The only reason these dumbbells are not the best is because of the price, They are equals if not a little bit better than the Bowflex option however they .e in at over double the price so i struggle to find value in the vastly increased cost but if money is not an issue to you then definitely check them out! Click here for My Full Review About The PowerBlock Elite The product is absolutely wonderful. i definately got my moneys worth and they take up hardly any space. and the people whom i bought it from were wonderful. they were sent promptly, and we recieved them about 5 days later! they are truely worth the investment Jenny Worth the extra money, .pared to the Bowflex ones. Plus the handle grips are really .fortable. The stand is sturdy too. Paul 3. Bayou Fitness Pair: The Bayou Fitness Pair gives you two chrome adjustable dumbbells that have a ton of different options. For starters, you can get these dumbbells in either 25 pound or 50 pound sizes. Since the weights are adjustable in increments of five pounds, this opens up a ton of different workout options and variations for the home workout enthusiast. .ing with two custom storage trays and a limited one-year warranty, the Bayou Fitness Pair has a steel grip to match the level and intensity of your workout regimen. Because there are so many options to choose from with these adjustable dumbbells. Click here To See My Full Review On The Bayou Fitness Pair I am a high school baseball coach and I have purchased 3 types of adjustable dumbbells. After trying all 3 I have to say that these are the better of the 3. Reasons being is because they are easy to adjust the weights as opposed to the turn/click adjustable dumbbells and they are better because the weights are strongly assembled as opposed to Best adjustable dumbbells that use a plastic based material to hold the weights together. Miguel I looked at a number of adjustable dumbbell sets at local stores and didnt like the designs. Then I read reviews on the Bayou adjustable dumbbells and took a chance, and I do not regret my decision. They are easy to use, they are of high quality and they wont fall apart when you use them. Paul 4. Weider SpeedWeight 120: The Weider SpeedWeight 120 gives you two quality dumbbells that range in weight from 15 to 60 pounds each. Because the weights are adjustable in five pound increments, you get ten fully adjustable settings that you can use to enhance your workout without cramping your workspace. The ergonomic handle grips ensure that you wont lose your grip while powering through your exercise routines. Plus, with the handy one-click switch dial, you can increase the intensity of your workout, effectively dialing it up a notch. These are one of the fastest switching adjustable dumbbell sets on the market. Even better, this is one of the only dumbbells on our list that .e with a stand. So you get cast iron weight plates, hand grips, storage trays and weight stand and 90 day warranty. Click here To See My Full Review On The Weider SpeedWeight 120 After much research I bought these adjustable dumbells from amazon. Amazon had the best price AND free shipping. Just the free shipping saved me $60 in shipping costs. The dumbells could not be better. The set includes the stand which fits nicely in the corner Ron 5. Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock: Last, but certainly not least is the Ironmaster 75 pound Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbell set. These two dumbbells are among the heaviest on the list meaning theyre perfect for those who are extreme and serious about their weight lifting. Fully adjustable in 2.5 pound increments between 5 and 75 pounds each. With 28 different weight settings, over 40 exercises and 100 variations, this is the .plete package for those who want to kick their butts into overdrive. Never before have we seen such a user-friendly adjustable weight set, especially obvious once you wrap your hands around the chrome-plated handle grips. The weights themselves are super-heavy duty welded steel construction and .e with a stand for quick and easy storage, taking up less than two square feet in your apartment or home. Everything about these weights is rugged and durable. Click Here For My Full Review On The Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock If I were to choose just one, I would stick with the Iron Master. I like them for their sturdiness and lack of rattling especially when using heavy weight Brad I went to my local Sears and tried out the Bowflex SelectTechs; then I tried out the PowerBlocks that a friend owns. I Came across the Ironmaster Quick Lock system after researching adjustable dumbells online; I heard the Ironmaster name mentioned in a bodybuilding chat forum wherein the original poster had mentioned SelectTechs versus PowerBlocks, and one of the replies mentioned that the Ironmaster was best. Alan Now Its your turn! Finding the Right Dumbbells for Your Workout Needs Of course, as we mentioned above, not every one of these five dumbbells are going to be perfect for everyone. There are many other types of adjustable dumbbells on the market, some lighter in weight, some faster in speed. Your main goal as a consumer should be to make the best decision possible on which model dumbbell is right for you and then find the best deal on that model possible. Why Do We Need to Get The Best? In anything that we buy, we always want the best. Even if we have a very limited budget, we still want to get the best one that we can get from that amount of money. However, looking for the best could be somehow tricky. This is because there are some best adjustable dumbbells that some people do not consider as their best choice. Well, this is because we have different preferences and factors being considered when we are buying such products. For instance, the best for some people could be if it is the cheapest, not withstanding its features and quality. On the other hand, however, some people would be more particular on the features of the product. Hence, the best one for them would be the product that has the right features that they are looking for. Moreover, aside from the foregoing, the following are just among the many perks of considering the best: You will be able to satisfy what you really wanted, in the first place. You will be able to get the right features and enjoy using it. You can even save more by buying the best. For example, if your best choice is the one that is the most durable, it means that you do not have to replace it more often. Well, this is because low priced products are .monly associated with low quality too. So, if you are buying low price and low quality dumbbells, then it means that those are less durable. In that case, you might need to replace them every now and then when it is already broken. However, if you are going to get the most durable one, it will be an investment. You can resell it if you find a greater one. This is because best products are still highly re-sellable even though they have been already used. Of course, if the product is already torn and worn out, it would be another issue. In other words, you can still make money out of it. It will not just be a trash after several months or years. How to Find The Best Adjustable Dumbbells? Now, I have said above that finding the best dumbbells on the market could be tricky since it is not universal. Some people just do not have the same preferences, which make their choices vary. In other words, there is no universally applicable answer or product for all. A specific brand could be the best to a person while, at the same time, it is also the worst product for another. Nevertheless, there is a solution for this, which is to create a set of parameter. A set of parameter will be .posed of different factors that most people usually consider when they are buying or looking for the best adjustable dumbbells. Some of these parameters or factors include the following: 1. Features and specifications One of the main parameters that you also need to consider is the set of features and specifications of the product that you are eyeing to buy. Specifically, these could be any or all of the following: a. Weight all of them have adjustable weights. However, they may only differ on the range that they can offer. Some can only offer up to 25 pounds for every piece of dumbbell, which means that it would be a total of 50 pounds for both hands, or a dumbbells pair; while some products or brands can even offer up to 75 pounds for each hand. Of course, you should pick the right one that is just right for what you intend to do. Some people would just like to tone their muscle. Hence, they do not need those heaviest ones. This is especially true for women who would just like to curve up their figure. On the other hand, however, if your intention is to be buff and your body can handle such heavy weight, than you would not need those lighter ones. This is specifically true to people who have been working out for quite some time. You need to understand that, through time, our body adopt to our activities. Therefore, if you have been lifting 50 pounds for several months now, your body get used to it. As a matter of fact, you will notice that it may no longer have an effect to your muscles. This should prompt you to lift heavier ones. b. Handle there are different types of handles. They could be made from different products like pure metal or alloy or even coated with rubber. Aside from the materials used for the handle, some handles have various designs too. One of the designs that are more and more popular nowadays is the ergonomic design. This is a design that has some curves in order to fit to the palm or hands of the users. Hence, you will no longer feel un.fortable when carrying these dumbbells. c. .position or packaging (single or pair) some product lines only offer a single dumbbell while some are in pairs. Aside from that, there are also some packages that include other equipment and materials that you might need for your workout. Some of these are the chair, gloves, stands and many more. d. Plating this is about the material .position of the dumbbells. In other words, from what kind of materials they are made from. There are some brands that have mixtures of plastics and metals while some have their dumbbells plated with heavy duty chrome steel. e. Warranty various manufacturers offer different length and coverage of warranty. There are some that can offer a lifetime limited warranty while some can only provide one or two years of limited warranty. In terms of coverage, there could be some differences too. Hence, you need to make sure that you have read and understood the warranty coverage first before buying a specific product. 2. Industry Ranking There are some organizations and platforms out there that can provide you with instant industry ranking based on the qualifications or parameters that they have set on their own. However, you should make sure that you are not only looking to the number or ranking. This is because you must also read on the bases why a specific product has been ranked in such a way among the best adjustable dumbbells. Moreover, you need to make sure that it is not a paid ranking because it might only mislead you. 3. Reviews Like the industry ranking, there are also lots of adjustable dumbbells reviews that you can read over the World Wide Web. These are all useful because these will tell you so many things about the actual use and experience of using the products. Of course, like the previous one, you also need to be mindful that what you are reading is a genuine review rather than just a paid one. 4. Price Fourthly, but never the least, price is a factor that is always extremely important to consider. A lot of people are actually taking this factor on the top of their list. This is because of the philosophy that if they cannot afford a certain product, they will not be able to buy it. Hence, could that one be considered as their best choice? On the other hand, another perspective on this is about not being nominal about the price. This is because there are some aspects of a product that may justify why it is not the cheapest; hence, could still be the best budget-saver. Well try to help you along at every step of the way, providing you top-notch adjustable dumbbell reviews with links to the lowest prices on the Inter., Lets just quickly cover a few things to consider before you make your purchase.As always, happy lifting and stay safe out there! 相关的主题文章: