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Food-and-Drink There is a cake available for every occasion. Indeed, cakes can add more fun to the celebration. Just imagine your loved one preparing a cake for the family. Guests and family members would be expecting the moment when the cake will have to be sliced. The growing excitement cannot be easily measured. Age does not matter with regards to cakes; young or old, they never lose the taste for that sweet piece of delight. Everyone would have one’s own preference as to the type of cake, and there are a number of choices – a chocolate cake, a strawberry cake, or a vanilla cake. A cake can either make or break a celebration. If not decorated according to the occasion, or if the design is terrible, the guests might lose appetite for it. If you want to make a cake without over-decorating it, here are some tips that will surely enliven the appeal of your cake. Plan ahead Before you decorate a cake, you have to plan ahead. You also have to determine what theme you are going to follow for your cake. If you do this, chances are, there will be no room for over-decorating your cake because you precisely know what you want to create. Furthermore, you should figure out exactly what kind of materials you will be using for your cake. Usually, you can find them in stores that sell cake decorating supplies. Decorations should always be made initially before placing them on a cake. This way, you will have an idea on how the cake will look like when it is .pletely done. Making the icing The icing placed on the cake has an important role. So, the icing must be done appropriately and correctly. To be able to decorate your cake well without overdoing everything, you have to make a perfect base of icing. This will ensure that the design of the cake will look great. For the frosting that’s located at the top and side of the cake, the appeal would be enhanced by using two different colors. This is better than monochromatic design. Moreover, the two-color .bination would not make the cake too decorated. Using the decorating tip Using decorating tips is advised for people who are not experienced when it .es to decorating a cake. Even professional cake decorators find them essential when crafting a cake. There are many kinds of decorating tips. There are those that can make stars, flowers and frills. You will never run out of choices on what decorating tip to use, just be sure that it is just right for your cake. The decorating tips also .e in different sizes. You should know which size you will use for your cake. Otherwise, the pattern might overshadow the rest of the cake. To make the decoration of your cake look awesome, you should buy decorating tips made of metal and not plastic. You can also find them in stores or shops that sell cake decorating supplies – many stores, will have plenty of these metal decorating tips in stock so make sure you ask at the counter. Making waves If you are unable to get hold of decorating materials, you can use some of the utensils you have at home like knives, spoons and forks. Although the effect of using these on icing looks simple, it’s enough to make anyone want to eat the cake you have decorated. It also helps you avoid over-decorating your cake. Remember, too much of anything is always bad. To make zigzags, you can use fork. For stripes, use a knife. And for the waves, using a spoon would do the trick. Count the number of guests attending the occasion The number of guests who will be .ing to your party is imperative as to how many layers of cake you should make. Having a five-layered cake when only twenty guests are .ing will make it look overly decorated. This is why you have to base the number of layers of the cake on the number of guests invited, plus the members of your family. Lastly, to avoid over-decorating your cake, taking into consideration the number of guests, you may seek the advice of an experienced baker. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: