How To Set Multiple Appointments In Just One

Networking As a coach or consultant, you know how challenging it can be to get new business. Getting the word out about who you are, what you do and how you do it can be a full-time proposition long before you even schedule a time to actually do your coaching. But now there’s a tool you can use to get more appointments faster than ever before. is a website that offers you the ability to run informational events to prospective clients and others quickly and efficiently. What’s even better, you can talk one-on-one with some of the participants and potentially close them on coaching or consulting services. How To Blitz Your Way To Multiple Appointments The system works like this. First, you create a profile which tells other people in the Blitz about you. Then it’s time to set up your Blitz event. You get to decide how long your introduction and informational sharing will be (not less than 10 minutes would be my advice- it’s hard to get everything in). And then you get to decide how long each one-on-one networking conversation between people will be (usually 5-8 minutes). You can make the event "By Invitation Only" for your own contacts or open to all the members of BlitzTime. I recommend you leave the registration open since it’s free marketing for you. Finally, if you want to do a formal presentation with PowerPoint slides, you can upload those too. When it’s time for your Blitz, you sign onto your computer; and call into the phone number provided. You get to welcome the group with your instructional and coaching information. At the end of your presentation, you should give topic suggestions to the participants to talk about during their one-on-one networking conversations. There is a timer conveniently located in the upper right hand corner that will tell you how much time you have left. Don’t go over time because the system won’t wait for you – talk about accountability! Power Networking Made Easy When you are connected to your first one-on-one conversation, you will see the timer reset telling you how much time you have left with this person and his/her profile appears on your screen and yours appears on theirs so that you have details about each other to discuss. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get across to one another in just a short period of time. The shortness of the duration of the call creates the urgency for people to stay laser-focused on topic and get to the point quickly and efficiently. Plus, you have the benefit not having the awkwardness that comes in live networking sessions as you try to start a conversation or extricate yourself from one that has gone on too long. Here, everyone knows who they are talking to and for how long. If you find that more conversation is warranted, you can look up the person’s contact information on their profile and call or email to arrange a longer conversation later. (On average, you usually have 5 – 6 conversations in an hour event.) I’m Setting More Quality Appointments Now What I have discovered is that as the facilitator of the call, people are excited to talk to me and really open to talk about hiring me. I let them use the time to pick my brain and ask my advice. I step into coach mode with them and use the last minute of the call to close on getting their permission to call and continue the conversation. I’ve gotten at least one good lead off of each one-hour call and some have resulted in multiple leads. (Pretty great, wouldn’t you agree, considering I’m only talking to 5 – 6 participants and doing it from the comfort of my home.) One More HOT Tip The key is to pick a good topic – one that many people in your target market can relate to. Then get it promoted. Get the word out. Put it in your blog, on your website, on your Facebook profile, list it in Craigslist, etc. Critical mass is 10+ people. Once you have that, you have it made. This is the best new way to get business that I’ve seen in ages. I highly recommend that you try it out today. Sign up, participate in an event, have a Blitz experience. It’s FREE for the first three events, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Happy prospecting! About the Author: Kelle Sparta is a Professional Speaker, Trainer and Coach helping small to mid-sized business owners create lives and businesses they can love. Kelle does this by working on the businesses’ relationships – relationships with the clients in the form of branding, marketing, CRM, and customer service design as well as relationships inside the company in the form of executive coaching, team-building, transition facilitation. management and leadership training and more. 2009 Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: