Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 26 ” yanguobamao ” corrupti hamimelon

Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 26 " yanguobamao " corruption typical original title: Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 26 from the typical problems of plucking type corruption before the Hunan Provincial Commission for discipline inspection conducted a briefing on the 26 "typical corruption problem plucking. 1. Pingjiang City, Yueyang County on the continent continent village Party branch secretary Li Xuanzhong, former director of the village collective embezzlement embezzlement of the problem of the fund. From 2009 to 2015, Li Xuanzhong and Li Qijun during his tenure, to take false impersonator and other means, jointly or separately 45 thousand and 500 yuan embezzlement of village collective funds, including Li Xuanzhong embezzlement 23 thousand and 300 yuan, 22 thousand and 200 yuan by Li Qijun. Li Xuanzhong was expelled from the party, Li Qijun has been expelled from the party and was according to the procedure of the removal of the village director, two were transferred to judicial organs according to law. 2. Shaoyang City, Shaoyang County, Tong Tong Tong Xing Village Party branch secretary Xia Degui former poverty alleviation, extravagance and waste problems. 2009 to 2013, Xia Degui use his position to facilitate the use of virtual spending and other means of expropriation of poverty alleviation funds 8600 yuan, waste of collective property and illegal reimbursement of the total expenditure of $45 thousand and 900 coordination. During the organization of the investigation, Xia Degui will be returned to the breach of discipline, subject to probation for two years. 3. Xiaotang town in Xinshao County of Shaoyang city where the Loess neighborhood director Zuoguo in poverty alleviation work of gifted affectionate friends. In June 2016, he Zuoguo to reconstruction procedures to his father for taking advantage of his position, to conceal the relationship between father and son, father as a violation of its poverty and poverty alleviation, into the personnel management system. He Zuoguo by the party a serious warning. 4. Shaoyang City, Chengbu Miao Autonomous County Dan town Qingtian village Party branch secretary Chen Guangyou, interception withheld, illegal distribution of poverty relief funds problem. From 2015 to 2016, Chen Guangyou and the village committee Wu Jinyong, clerical Li Jiangwu, Chen Moutong and Chen Mousheng two interception poverty poverty alleviation funds totaling 9200 yuan for each group of villagers, the per capita household assigned to the team leader. Chen Guangyou, Wu Jinyong, and the party were severely punished by the warning of the punishment of the party in the world by the Party of the people’s Republic of China. 5. Yongding District of Zhangjiajie City, Yin Jia Xi Zhen Quan village Party branch secretary of the original Liu Qunying, false impersonator, the occupation of the rural reconstruction funds about the problem. From 2015 to 2016, Liu Gang Ren Yin Jia Xi Zhen Qunying and reconstruction Engineer Zhang Yeming, Wang Juansong staff, with five households Kyrgyzstan in the name of the reconstruction of false information, cheat the rural reconstruction funds 40 thousand yuan. Of which 30 thousand yuan for personal expenses, 10 thousand yuan as a commission to Wang Juansong. Zhang Yeming in the reconstruction work, there are still accepting village cadres to send commissions 21 thousand yuan problem. Liu Qunying, Zhang Yeming, Wang Juansong was expelled from the party. 6. Zhangjiajie city Sangzhi County hongjiaguan Township seven Bai Wan village Party branch secretary Gu Hongguo, the former director of the village committee Zhang Yuping illegal distribution of "two systems" poverty alleviation fund problem. From 2011 to 2012, Hongguo Valley, Zhang Yuping during his tenure, held the village committee members, members meeting, will be distributed to 2 households)相关的主题文章: