Hundreds of countries more than a hundred foreign friends swim East Lake soojin

Many countries hundreds of foreign friends tour of East lakes in October 23rd, into the training courses for the deep processing of Hunan province agriculture group Africa Egypt, Tanzania, Sultan, Zambia, more than ten countries America Mexico, Jamaica, Panama and other beekeeping and bee products, hundreds of foreign tourists to the Dongjiang Lake Tourist area. On this day, the East Lake tourist area can be seen everywhere lovely foreign friends figure. A pedestrian first came to known as "Chinese wonders, wonders of the universe" is called the Xiaodongjiang fog diffuse, East Lake Sau, after a visit to the Dongjiang dam, the Great Lakes East let foreign friends Marvel again and again. Then take a cruise around Tusita Island feel Dongjiang Lake breeze, and came to the underground nature of the labyrinth "tushita ryong’am. And, in order to make hundreds of foreign friends feel China the beautiful scenery and culture, Dongjiang Lake tourist area specially for this batch of "Dave" friends with the Hunan Flower Drum Opera, Yao dance and Sichuan opera face local rich color of the show attracted foreign friends even even pictures. Since 2015, East lakes successfully launched a national AAAAA class tourist area, Dongjiang Lake tourist area rising popularity and reputation, the pace of East lakes has been towards the world, attracting more and more foreign friends to come to the Dongjiang Lake tourism. The European Yangting Chen Qiongtu Chen Qiong相关的主题文章: