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I was selling a man in Zibo within 2 hours of the 150 telephone harassment, the original title: inexplicable real ", a man in Zibo within 2 hours of the 150 telephone harassment recently, working in Zibo, Mr. Ding to the Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reflected," I have never released any information about housing in the network may, just 2 hours of time, why can receive more than and 150 buy telephone harassment?" Due to receiving a short time massive telephone, the mobile phone for a time unable to use normal, serious impact on the life of Mr. ding. The parties reflect: mobile phone number is fraudulent, issued false information to sell Mr. Ding · Qilu Evening News; Qilu point reporters about his "suck" experience, in the afternoon of the 20 day, he received a stranger calls, each claiming to be a Zibo housing intermediary staff, asked whether he wants to sell. Every few minutes, Mr. Ding suddenly received a claim to the real information consultation telephone, after careful inquiry, I know someone in the afternoon of 20 with his mobile phone number to sellers released their information in Zibo fair online. "In just 10 minutes, I received more than 30 calls." As of this morning, I received a phone call to consult the already long enough. Those who call, are said to be on the Internet to see his hair sales information." Mr. Ding said that he had never used my cell phone number posted on the Internet selling information, received such a dense phone, it is too strange. Experience: without any review, you can release information mobile phone number you can casually unauthorised release of information in the online market? Qilu Evening News reporter on the matter to verify. 9 am yesterday morning, reporters in the absence of registered mobile phone number registered, free release information "at the top right corner of the" ganji.com, pick up a "housing sale" of the post, and fill out the fake mobile phone number, without any approval procedures, and soon a pop-up "the market system of news", "show" you publish hardcover sold "has been approved." Reporters found that this false news has appeared on the site. The whole step down, the site for the contents of the personal phone number does not have any audit. Subsequently, the reporter to delete posts. Ganji customer response: as long as there is no violation of information will be reviewed by the sensitive words yesterday morning at about 10, reporters call the "Zibo ganji.com" customer service call, for release in ganji.com information no audit procedures, a customer said, "information audit review general headquarters in Beijing, in addition to these audits are generally operating system." The customer service, as long as the release of information is not particularly sensitive to the sensitive words can be passed by the system audit. Reporters on the same site login found that if you want to publish a similar number of information involving personal mobile phone, the site must have a feedback system to a mobile phone confirmation code, in order to publish success. To solve this problem, the customer said: "at present, Ganji has not mobile phone verification code function, each website background operation are different)相关的主题文章: