Indian controlled Kashmir in 26 years the most serious attack on the death of 17 soldiers bloxorz

Kashmir was the worst in 26 years hit 17 soldiers died in the original title: Kashmir was the worst hit: "Modi vowed the attackers punished [Global Times correspondent in India Yuan Jirong] according to the" India times "reported on 18, more than the militants attacked the same day in Kashmir’s URI the India army twelfth brigade headquarters, killing 17 soldiers in India killed more than 30 soldiers were injured, 4 militants were killed. This is the biggest and most serious attack in the region in 26 years. Reported that the India Northern Command said in a statement, 5:30 local time, militants broke into the barracks, with guns and grenades attacked soldiers, the two sides fighting for several hours. The base has 12 thousand soldiers, the soldiers were sleeping. 12 soldiers were killed in the fire, and the other 5 died in a shootout. Agence France-Presse said India’s prime minister Modi, 18, condemned the attack as a cowardly terrorist attack, vowed to allow the attackers to be punished. There is no organization claimed responsibility for the attack, but India’s interior minister Singer criticized Pakistan to support terrorists, and called isolated Pakistan. Reuters said the spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Pakistan denied that the country is related to the attack, "India has not been investigated to blame Pakistan, we refuse to do so". "India times" 18 reported that since July, the Indian controlled Kashmir rebel leader Vanni was killed after the outbreak of protests, Kashmir riots have been going on for several months, resulting in 86 deaths. The attack has made the already fragile situation more volatile. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: