Investigation of Mathematical Olympiad training fear of increasing other children younger age in

Investigation of Mathematical Olympiad training: the fear of growing children younger people don’t grab Beijing last night, a grade one or two primary school for parents of students "academic planning" in the Hankou Sanyang road with a known Mathematical Olympiad training institutions held. It is understood that due to the venue can only accommodate 200 people, organizers had to advance on the invitation marked "invitation letter, only one of the parents to participate in". Mainly in the training of the parents of students, there are some who want to sign up but did not report this season, parents." The staff of the training institutions, new students this fall enrollment has ended, Yang Jincheng District, Cape crab campus and Optics Valley campus of grade one or two to open a total of 30 Mathematical Olympiad classes, of which the first grade 6 classes, each class of about 30 people. Comparison of the previous two years, one or two grade students increased by 30-40%. "We reported late autumn class is full, only the first grade to the next." Although I could not name the newspaper, Ms. Wang, who lives in North Taiwan yesterday morning still came to the training institutions to receive invitations, "not sure the child is suitable for learning, anyway, there are students in the class have begun to learn, let’s listen and do a good plan in advance." Do not learn how to test? Parents have for the placement of false start so early to join the "Mathematical Olympiad army" necessary? One or two grade children can handle? Interview, the reporter can not help but questioned. "I can’t say that." Ms. Wang bluntly confused. My son is now studying at a well-known primary school the first grade Jiang’an District, school less than a month, she has felt hitherto unknown pressure. Almost all of the children in the class to engage in extracurricular training gifted, less one or two, more than five or six. She thought that the children of this age is nothing but some aspects of the art class, when I heard that some children have math, English and writing on the training schedule after she was shocked. "The impression of these disciplines should be after the three grade on the right? How do you start now?" The parents of the students said that she panicked, "the third grade and then engage in late one or two, grade do not follow the third grade placement test, how to test? Only when the "cannon fodder"." "Science can not succeed, not sure can not enter the best class." Ms. Zhang is senior math "PeiDou mother" point of view is very sharp. Ms. Zhang said, son began to learn from the first grade primary school mathematical olympiad, at first only see her attitude to learn, there are a lot of colleagues said she was too impatient. Grade one or two is the interest class, the teacher through the method of learning while playing to guide the children about math problems from different angles, and not so difficult to imagine. After the three grade, the son successfully entered the competition A class, although ranked in autumn but not always in the first echelon. And the son of a good friend in school performance is quite outstanding, Mathematical Olympiad is a few into a few, this year the placement exam exam results. "Olympic math circle" students and parents know, not just for the placement of hierarchical teaching, the greater significance is that the platform is not the same, the competition classes of children is not only more likely to produce good results, but also the famous "seedling for junior middle school". Late start more tired? The arts into Mathematical Olympiad "star dad accompany dad";相关的主题文章: