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Mystery [Abstract] Jiang Jieshi Yang Yongtai’s assassination of chief mastermind and the assassination of Wang Jingwei before them, the man is the "Morning News Agency reporter Sun Fengming, on November 1, 1935 in Nanjing central office before the assassination of Wang Jingwei, but Wang Jingwei is not dead. In October 25, 1936, the KMT government of Hubei President Yang Yongtai, was invited to the Japanese Consulate in Hankou after the end of the banquet, banquet, in Hankou ferry passenger ferry special jianghanguan ready to return to Wuchang, and to the assassin shot, Yang Yongtai was shot dead. Yang Yongtai is the head of Jiang Jieshi’s thinking, when his death triggered a variety of interpretation. Some people say that Hu Hanmin was the confidant Kuomintang Central Propaganda Department Director Liu Luyin ordered; some say is "Renaissance Club" Deng Wenyi sent for; there is said, CC is dry; who still wonders if a angel is "king of Hubei" He Chengjun. What is the truth? We look at the views of experts and participants in the assassination of Yang Yongtai’s memoirs. Cause: who did Yang Yongtai offend? After the sound of a shot in October 25, 1936 Hankou dock, Yang Yongtai on his deathbed, said something, the first sentence is: "I know there will be today". That is why, in fact, before he came to Hubei, it has a lot of students took to the streets in protest, has been hit "down with Yang Yongtai" banner, have said that Yang Yongtai was "japanophile". Behind this does not rule out the Kuomintang factions instigated by Chen Lifu, for example, the Chen Guofu brothers controlled CC system, as well as the Hubei local Kuomintang strength, while the History Department of Southern China Normal University Professor Xiao Zili interview with this reporter that: CC instigated unlikely students, because CC with Erchen Jiang relationship is not general. Well aware of Chiang Kai Shek’s temper, if to do so (provoke students fall and Jiang Yang) that the consequences will be grievous. Yang Yongtai is Guangdong Maoming Gaozhou Dajing town’s Po village people, Guangzhou served as the "Guangnan daily" editorial, Guangdong Advisory Council, in 1912 to join the kmt. In 1928, on the eve of the second expedition, a confidant of Jiang Jieshi Huang Fu recommended Yang Yongtai to jiang. In 1932 Jiang Jieshi to the implementation of the fourth campaign, Yang Yongtai Jiang Jieshi said Million Book of notorious repute "KMT government, the" security "is the" three military, seven political ", attempt from political collapse of the revolutionary base. In the Kuomintang, when Jiang Jieshi wants to borrow Yang Yongtai from the Chen Lifu brothers, to change the so-called "Jiang Chen family party" situation, which has caused unease and hate CC. Angered and offended the patriotic people, the KMT faction, Yang Yongtai reason to die and many, however, Hankou dock the fatal shot in the end who is playing a few? Assassin readme: Yang Yongtai was "chugan group" lock let our eyes from the Kuomintang raise a Babel of criticism of the battle inside. Qianxi Prefecture Guizhou Province opened by the CPPCC to the CPPCC Guangdong Provincial Committee of historical materials of the old inventory release, find a character named Chen Youguang readme. Chen Youguang, formerly known as Yang Qizhen, Guizhou, Xingren, Whampoa  Military Academy six. In 1932, Chen Youguang took part in the "revival of the southwest", led by the senior officials of the Kuomintang, and then took part in the process of taking the place of Jiang Jieshi.相关的主题文章: