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Jiangdong Huacheng for Wuguan storm track   Housing Construction Bureau to the transfer deadline   old Wuguan still determined not to go – Yunnan channel — people.com.cn original title: Jiangdong Huacheng for Wuguan storm track Housing Construction Bureau issued the notification that the transfer deadline is determined not to go the old Wuguan Panlong District Housing Construction Bureau under the district to celebrate the two after hearing the owners Wuguan company two sets of security at the same time the value of the post after the incident, Jiangdong Huacheng replacement Wuguan that has progressed yesterday: Panlong District Housing Construction Bureau issued a document, Longquan property (i.e. old Wuguan) the transfer deadline Jiangdong Huacheng property services. Owners of banners, firecrackers to celebrate, but Longquan property statement said, does not recognize the administrative order of the housing authority. Housing Construction Bureau fails to transfer to the law enforcement departments at 1:30 yesterday afternoon, the reporter found in Longquan Jiangdong Huacheng residential property security is still in the value of the post, bulletin board and the main entrance, are covered with a notice of Housing Construction Bureau, the strength of the property (i.e. new Wuguan) staff in the area of brochures. Reporters saw from the bulletin board, this notice is issued in October 11th. Notice the effect that the Panlong District Housing Construction Bureau of verification, Jiangdong Huacheng Industry Authority to convene a general meeting of owners in June of this year, Longquan property service form the dismissal decision, the owners of the general assembly procedures in accordance with the regulations, the dismissal notice has written to inform the Longquan property. At present, Longquan property services have exceeded the terms of the contract. The parties shall implement the replacement of property services in accordance with the provisions of article eighth of the contract signed by both parties. Notification requirements of Longquan property in October 17th this year, according to industry transfer of other content will be transferred to the property management, service information and contract. The property of the Longquan retains the right of reconsideration or litigation, but does not affect the execution of the administrative order. If the overdue property transfer, Panlong District Housing Construction Bureau will transfer this case to the administrative department of comprehensive law enforcement according to law. Some people worry that the owners are celebrating the refund issue yesterday afternoon, many owners in the garden center of Jiangdong Huacheng hanging banners. Owner Ms. AI said at noon, the group issued this message, by the owners: "the big dipper shuabing!" The group is also an exception of red envelopes, we propose to raise money for banners, buy firecrackers to celebrate the feast of The Strip as well as the owners proposed to engage in. An unnamed female owner said, Longquan property has to endure for a long time, these years her car stolen 4 times, finding property theory to no avail, once she was personally caught residential security ride away, eventually lost her property only a lock. I count the owners group, in recent years a total of 199 owners were stolen." "We bought firecrackers, taking into account the surrounding schools in class, don’t put." Owners Lin told reporters that Longquan property prices for a long time, not as a majority of the owners are very disgusted. Prior to this, the owners have to pay the property of Longquan next year’s property costs and parking fees, and now the replacement of property companies, the money back? The owners said, she refused to refund. Longquan property relevant responsible person stressed: "the two sides have formed in the contract, no refund said." )相关的主题文章: