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Cancer is a frightening topic that leads many to conjure images of doom and gloom. While this disease is scary and can lead to death, the reality is it comes in many forms, some much more treatable than others. With early detection and skilled treatment many cancer patients, in fact, find themselves on the road to recovery rather quickly. Gaining an understanding about the disease can help lessen fears and shed a spotlight on just why its so important to undergo screenings and routine tests to rule out the formation of this illness. So, what is cancer? Cancer is actually more than one disease . Its an umbrella term that is used to describe more than 100 different diseases. The use of the umbrella term applies because each one of these diseases is characterized by an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. In many cases, these cells form masses or lumps that become noticeable over time. Tumors, however, are not associated with all forms of cancer. What are the types of cancer? There are several broad-based forms of cancer that most people need to be aware of. They include: Carcinomas These are cancers that begin on the skin or in the tissues that line or cover the bodys internal organs. Sarcomas This type of cancer tends to originate in the bones, cartilage, muscle, fat, blood vessels, or connective tissues in the body. Leukemia This type of cancer gets its start in the blood-forming tissues of the body, such as the bone marrow. Lymphoma and myeloma These types of cancer start in the bodys immune system. Central nervous system cancers Forms of cancer in this class originate in the spinal cord or brain. It is estimated that some 10.5 million Americans are alive today, living with cancer. This group of diseases takes on many forms; some are more treatable than others. Those who are at higher risk for the disease are urged to undergo screenings as recommended by their physicians. Even those who are not considered high risk should begin screening after certain age milestones are met. Cancer is a scary diagnosis, but its important to understand the type and just what the implications are. If youve been diagnosed, be sure to ask your doctor for specific details. Choice Cancer Care is an independent, physician-owned cancer center network. Dr. Gregory Echt, a radiation oncologist with over two decades of experience, is the founder of Choice Cancer Care. Choice Cancer Care is among the busiest practices in the country for brachytherapy, or prostate seed implant therapy a cancer treatment plan for prostate cancer that provides remarkable success rates and fewer life-limiting side effects. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Health 相关的主题文章: