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Kindergarten children need to pay attention to the problem, otherwise it will regret! When the baby is mother – Sohu to kindergarten age, most parents worry about is the choice of kindergarten, some of the more popular kindergarten a year in advance or even earlier to sign up, choose kindergarten also involves another important question, is that every kindergarten has its own mission and characteristics. Some kindergartens pay attention to comprehensive ability of children, often held many activities. There are some kindergarten focusing on children’s cognition and learning, may be relatively early to let the children learn to read and write English, Pinyin, even. Some now many city primary school, pre-school will have a written test or interview entrance examination, this also let parents become pay more attention to cultural learning of children, parents are beginning to choose some more knowledge in kindergarten, let the children as soon as possible to learn cultural knowledge, at home, parents also began to pay attention to children’s academic counseling. Well let the children better through the school entrance examination, and hope primary school children can keep excellent performance after, want to make a good foundation for later learning. Of course, whether public kindergartens, private kindergartens and active or premature learning, many are full, there will be a market demand, this also reflected the parents’ education concept is different. Now there are many educational articles Some parenting books or in the network, as we explain the harm of premature children learn the knowledge, but many parents also agree with this idea, but because of the reality of life in the first grade primary school enrollment interview, academic progress, academic burden and other reasons, and only let the children learn early the knowledge, so as not to the primary school to keep up with the course. I and many primary school teacher communicated with such a situation, primary school teacher gave the common answer to unity, many children have learned a lot of knowledge in primary school, grade one or two is basically dominated by the third grade, all the children in the school level are all the same however, after the third grade, those too early and too many children in learning ability, imagination, thinking and so on is generally no longer dominant. Caused by premature children to learn the knowledge of the causes of the problems, the parents in the following four points: first, the lack of parental knowledge caused; two, because just arrived at present, and can not see the occurrence or possible problems; three, parents lack knowledge on child education experience, do not know how to pass cultivate interest to guide children to learn, just blindly boring learning; four, because the parents can not afford temporary children in the third grade scores before the relatively backward situation. Of course, because each person’s personal education thought, different family situation is different, different city entrance is different, so, some parents may agree with the above four points, some may not agree, some may also have many opposing views, these are a normal phenomenon. Here I just want to remind parents, whether it is in the choice of the kindergarten, the children learn or in education, parents need to pay special attention to the following three points, the three point in the near future will be for parents!相关的主题文章: