Lantian public collection of red twenty-five army historical relics

Lantian invites twenty-five of the Red Army in the long march with the historical relics of the Red Army shoe Hubei Henan Shanxi Soviet government door hanging iron bell source: Xi’an evening news (Xi’an reporter Shi Junrong) this version of the map (original title: Lantian invites twenty-five Red Army historical relics) in September 28th, when reporters learned in Ge Pai town. In order to further enrich the Hubei Henan and Shaanxi Soviet government Ge Pai Zhen Memorial Collection of resources, strengthen the education of patriotism and revolutionary tradition education more vivid and intuitive, to enhance the overall level of cultural relics, Lantian County Heritage Tourism Bureau for the long-term social public solicitation Chinese Red Army twenty-fifth Army in the history of cultural relics. The collection includes twenty-five of the Red Army in the period of secret and open newspapers, magazines, pictures, files, currency, stamps, stamp, land certificate, flagging, food stamps, photographs, statements, declarations, posters, announcements, New Year paintings and wood carvings, statues, biographies, tombstone; manuscripts, and supplies the ink and the revolutionary predecessors martyrs, including weapons, flags, walkie talkie, chest, armbands, vehicles, medical equipment, badges, signs, seals, photos, clothing, furniture and other daily utensils. It is reported that the twenty-five Red Army to collect relics donated, purchase, borrowing and escrow for the shop. To wish to donate units or individuals, by GE Pai Township Memorial Hall for the Soviet government donation procedures, and issued a donation certificate, in the display name and label donors donate time. The owners of cultural relics are willing to sell the cultural relics or materials with the value of the collection, and shall be purchased at reasonable prices after being identified by the experts. For the precious historical relics, collectors who do not want to donate, you can sign the loan agreement after the expert identification, security custody by the memorial.相关的主题文章: