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Travel-and-Leisure The action-packed sport of snowboarding involves descending a snow-covered slope while standing on a board attached to a riders feet. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Over the past decade, snowboarding has be.e increasingly popular and is often times seen as being the cooler and edgier alternative to skiing. If you interested in the sport but have not tried it, there are excellent locations for beginners in Frances Haute-Savoie region where you can rent a chalet. Morzine is particularly popular for beginners as the pistes are less challenging than in neighbouring resorts and there are excellent snowboarding schools. Mint Snowboard School The Mint Snowboard School is small team of British snowboard instructors who consistently receive good feedback from their students. You can book a lesson with them online, on the telephone or often times through the tourist office, which will be in walking distance from you if you are staying in a centrally located chalet. Morzine does have other skiing and snowboarding instruction that you can look into, however Mint specialises in snowboarding so tends to be sought after. They offer both group and private lessons and have divided their lessons into a series of levels. Experience snowboarding: Levels one and two fall under this category. Level one is for total beginners that have never stepped foot onto a snowboard before. You will learn basic skills and start to build confidence on the board. By level two, you will be able to slide on both edges, but not yet turn from one to another – but you will begin to work on this skill. Learner: When you embark on level three, you will already have the ability to execute basic turns in both directions and will begin building on those basic skills and start exploring the mountain. Progressing Intermediate: At this point in the training it is very normal to be.e frustrated and just want to return to your chalet! Morzine is an excellent place to learn the art of snowboarding – while it certainly wont be easy, dont give up yet! In level four of your training, you will be given the techniques needed to make your riding more dynamic and you will start "carving" your board and learning a few tricks. Level five is also considered intermediate and at this point you may feel content with your riding, however a session with an upper level instructor may help you enjoy it even more. At this stage, you will learn to increase your performance and master new tricks. Progressing Expert: According to Mint Snowboard School, A ninjas training is never .plete, and at this point they offer programs for riding steep and deep terrain. Freestyle: Once you have gotten to the point where you can ride freestyle and are confident with most of your runs, you can work with an instructor to master tricks on both the piste and in the park. Whether it is jumps, spins, rails or half pipes, there is always more to learn and Mint Snowboarding School is happy to teach you. When looking into renting a chalet, Morzine truly is the best location if you are just starting out or have never snowboarded before. The neighbouring regions are excellent and should certainly be visited once you are more familiar with the sport, but they have much more difficult pistes that may prove to be overwhelming when you are just starting out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: