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Legendary star Gerrard announced his retirement from the Champions League as a glorious moment in his career – the legendary Liverpool midfielder, Gerrard, announced his retirement yesterday, ending his 18 year career. Gerrard has spent most of his career in Liverpool, he has played 710 times for the Reds and has been captain since 2003. In addition, he also appeared on behalf of the England team 114 times. After leaving Anfield in the summer of 2015, he went to the Losangeles galaxy. Before retiring, there are a lot of speculation about Gerrard’s future. Some people say that he will go back to Liverpool when the coach, also said that Milan is willing to extend his international career, but in the end, he denied the speculation, decided to end his career at the same time, also do not intend to go to Liverpool coach. "I have an incredible career, whether it’s in Liverpool or in Losangeles or England, and I’m grateful for every moment I’ve ever had." Gerrard said, "when I was young, I dreamed of wearing the red shirt of Liverpool. I made his debut in November 1998 against Blackburn in the race, did not think of what will happen in the next 18 years." The 2005 Champions League final, Liverpool half 0 to 3 behind AC Milan, but the second half of the game, they scored 3 goals to tie the game, and scored in the penalty shootout win win. The game was the most glorious moment of Gerrard’s career. "I have a lot of bright spots in my career and I feel so lucky. I am proud to have played for Liverpool for more than 700 games, and many times I have been captain." Gerrard said in his retirement statement, "I am very happy to fight with many great players in the great football coach is also a blessing." Finally, Gerrard also thanked a lot of people, such as Liverpool fans, Losangeles Galaxy fans and the England fans, as well as his agent and family. On the arrangement after retirement, Gerrard said he also needs to consider a period of time, such as the choice will be open to the outside world. (Xiao Wanli) – if his name is red when Gerrard retired news play on the mobile phone screen, I just from Beijing Metro Line 5 Tiantan, DongMen Railway Station, the wind blew down a hat blew off. Such a season is not too good for people to say goodbye, but Gerrard is still decisive to complete the last shiver, his 18 years of career ended. In fact, since Gerrard left Liverpool, it is estimated that many people have begun to forget him. Or you can say that, after the summer of 2015, Gerrard seems to have retired. Now in Liverpool, kraupp led by Coutinho, Firmino, et al. Fast, much loved, Enfield fans probably no longer miss Gerrard. After all, Gerrard’s Liverpool era, in addition to the 2005 Istanbul night, and not too much to remember the moment. Gerrard is not a good evaluation of the summary of the players, accompanied by its left and right is always more than a successful regret. Gerrard and Lampard twin stars shine in miles相关的主题文章: