Liu Yan king of Xiamen recorded pajamas lying on the scene of the scene (Figure)

Liu Yan king of Xiamen show a pajama party hi explosion scene (Figure) recently, Indoorsman goddess Liu Yan recorded in Xiamen LETV in "goddess of choice" reality show, dress cool, strong crowd were passers-by. The Liu Yan in the image of the show unexpected, a few sets of dress up to change the past mature sexy, fresh and sweet breeze, it seems not like the usual shape so there is a point"! Liu Yan dressed in a simple white spot or T Liu Haigao, comb ponytail, full of sense of youth; or a black and white monochrome dress, long hair and shoulder, elegant and refined. Once the lens language made sexy queen Liu Yan’s scheming but put aside the complicated clothing line, simple style, fresh and natural. Sometimes even pajamas appear on your head with the balls around the head, cute. Remove the aura of the goddess Liu Yan although not so glamorous sexy, but less divided into television, posters in the sense of alienation, add a lot of Linjiaxiaomei like kind. The same partner bestie Liu Yan: not the famous blue Dapeng, beyond all expectations are not familiar with Jia Ling, but cheerful funny king. According to the director said, which is good for bestie feelings during the recording, very understanding, and more male guests at the swimming pool open Pajama Party, "large scale" game high over Gulangyu Islet. Liu Yan and the king of the bestie partner beyond all expectations what will impact what kind of spark? Please look forward to the end of November to choose music video "goddess"!相关的主题文章: