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UnCategorized The Law of Attraction teaches that whatever we focus on increases and that the only really important thing in life is to be HAPPY and to continually change our focus to what we love rather than what may be causing us concern at the moment. Remember the old song that went, "When I’m not with the one I love, I love the one I’m with". Well, I’ve given a lot of thought to these words and they have taken on a new meaning. Love the one you’re with – YOURSELF? Now and not sometime when. Consciousness is all about being in the moment. Success teachers tell us to focus on the future, spiritual teachers tell us to focus on the now. It comes down to truly being present to whatever it is you are about at the moment. When you are truly focused, you begin to love whatever it is that you are doing. And you begin to hear the inner voice that more clearly guides you to be doing the perfect thing in the moment. You can practice consciousness while cleaning the bathroom. A man found his mind kept wandering and that he wanted to do a quick and dirty job. But when he focused on cleaning each tile and began to concentrate on that tile alone, he began to make a game of it and thoroughly enjoyed what would have been a distasteful task. I do that when I’m washing pots. I do about half of a really dirty pot and I want to stop and come back to it later. Focusing in the moment, doing one task at a time allows me to finish far more and work half as hard in getting more done. As we learn to become more present in the moment, more conscious, events will begin to trigger just the reaction we need. The secret of dealing with any situation we want to change is to be in it but not buy into it, and not making it wrong or trying to suppress it. When we misidentify with the experience, our reactions dissolve. Resistance to reality disappears. When we feed into an emotion we intensify it, and when we tell ourselves we shouldn’t feel that way, we suppress it. We do these things when we see our experiences as a threat rather than accept all that comes as perfect for me right now. We are truly free when we don’t try to justify or find blame. The only way to become free from fears, compulsions, and addictions, is to observe them, and love ourselves as we are in the moment and take full responsibility for them. Releasing the emotional need frees us to be in the PRESENT MOMENT fully. True trust is a willingness to accept whatever happens to us. The secret of life is developing a capacity to engage in it fully, moment by moment as it presents itself. No fight, no resistance. Even if you are currently facing a challenge, just accept the reality of it. Pain accepted always dissipates. When your car breaks down think about how you will feel about it tomorrow. This too shall pass. No matter how real the moment feels or how deep the pain or joy, know what Scripture says – and it CAME TO PASS. So, whenever you find that you’re not with the one you love remember the song and love where and who you are – the one you are with. Let go of the past. Release the future. Now is the only moment you have. Live it fully! About the Author: Dr. Toni LaMotta has spoken internationally, authored several books and numerous articles and has served as a consultant and trainer to a variety of corporations. Her experiences range from being a high school teacher to working with some of the top companies, associations, and organizations in the world. She served as a Catholic nun and pastoral associate for 16 years before discovering New Thought and becoming a Science of Mind Minister and Law of Attraction teacher.To contact Dr. Toni for a keynote talk or workshops for your organization go to She is currently living in Sarasota, Florida. Her company, In-Lightened Enterprises, LLC. provides messages that are provocative, challenging your mind and inspiring yo Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: