Madrid Francis Bacon, From 3 February To 19 April 2009-x3210

Travel-and-Leisure In Madrid, in particular, the relationship with the artist is particularly heartfelt because his works reveal his interest in great Spanish artists, like Goya and Velzquez (just think about the paintings inspired by Velzquezs portrait of Pope Innocent X, which will be some of the main features of the exhibition), but also because in the last years of his life Bacon used to visit the Prado Museum very often, sometimes asking for it to be specially opened for him in the closing days, so that he could study the works. All those who have a passion for art, and in particular for Bacon, should visit the exhibition, which hosts over 60 high-quality works .ing from many European and American museums and from private collections. Works have been divided into thematic sections that give visitors the possibility to follow a guided path to discover the main themes and ideas developed by the artist, like the passage of time, death and the frailty of human condition, violence and loneliness, and to admire his unmistakable technique. The sections of the exhibitions are: animal, zone, apprehension, crucifixion, crisis, archive, portrait, memorial, epic, late. Besides the works realised by the artist, visitors will have the possibility to view some important documents that have been found in his study. This documents have been very useful in revealing his sources of inspiration, and in the last few years they have given a huge contribution to the knowledge of his life and work. Furthermore, in order to look into Bacons work, several lectures will be held (on the relationship between the sacred and the profane, on Bacons relationship with photography, on his interest in Spanish art): the exhibition in not only a rich display of works, but also a good chance to study and look into Bacons work, as the selection of works includes all the artists phases and all the themes he has dealt with, while other exhibitions recently dedicated to Bacon focused only on his latest works, or on a given theme. The exhibition in Madrid, in particular, is even more interesting because, while London and New York have already hosted tributes to Bacon, Spains capital city dedicated only an exhibition in 1978 to him, which .prised 17 works. With this great exhibition, which features also an important triptych .ing from a private collection, which will be displayed only in Madrid, the city finally pays honour to one of the most important and influential artists of the last century. If you have a passion for art, book now a cheap hotel in Madrid, and grab the chance to visit one of the most important museums in Europe, which, besides Francis Bacon exhibition, hosts famous works realised by important Italian, Spanish and Flemish artists. Tickets: 8 euro Date: 3rd February 19th April 2009 Location: Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain About the Author: 相关的主题文章: