Maybe Cumbria Is The Real Animal

Travel-and-Leisure Cumbria region of England is a more countryside type of area, more peaceful, quiet and certainly not as busy or non stop as the big cities that are spread across the country. This is also a region that is enriched with various forms of wildlife. You can see such amazing creature like the European Eagle Owl, Red Squirrel and the .mon buzzard, also in the lake district is the only pair of Golden Eagles in the country. There quite a bit of marine life that can be found in Cumbria which should be no surprise seeing as the Lake District is one of the key features of Cumbria. It is because of this that the area has places to keep them safe and out of harms way from natural causes or from causes unnatural such as tourists that .e to their Cumbria holiday homes from all corners of the world. There is the Lakes Aquarium that opened in 1997, as ‘The Aquarium of the Lakes.’ The displays followed the theme of a Lake District stream, which would flow towards the lake and then into Morecambe Bay. But in 2008 the it was renamed to the Lakes Aquarium and the theme was changed to the ‘lakes of the world.’ With this change came the introduction of marine life from various parts of the world such as Koi carp, Rainbow Trout, Upside-down catfish, Eurasian otter and many more. There is another aquarium that may not be as big as the Lakes Aquarium. But this aquarium is one of the top tourist places to go in the area with the fact that it won the Small Visitor Attraction of the Year 2010 in the Cumbria Tourism Awards. This shows that size may not be everything as this aquarium may be smaller but is a personal and affection aquarium. The Marine life that you will see here are more local such as the Wolfish, Small Rays, Sea bass, Pollock, Bloody Henry, Octopuses and many more that live in the nearby waters. Cumbria isn’t just a place for real animals though as this is a place that is home to fiction animals that quite a lot of people will recognise from their childhood or by popular books. By Mentioning Cumbria awards I have to mention the winner of the other category which was the Large Attraction of the year 2010 which was won by The World of Beatrix Potter. The name speaks for itself as this is the home of Peter Rabbit and friends in the magical world that Beatrix Potter created. There is the World Beatrix Potter attraction which takes you on a tour of the life and work of Beatrix Potter. The attraction lasts up to an hour if you choose to explore everything. It starts first with a short film that will wel.e you and show you all of the 23 tales that Beatrix potter wrote this is part one of the tour. Part two takes you through to a recreated home of Mr Tod and Jemima Puddle-duck’s woodland glade. Whilst part three takes you through outdoors to Peter Rabbit’s Garden where you see the recreated cottage and kitchen gardens from the Peter Rabbit books. The next part takes you back inside to Mrs Tiggy-wrinkle’s kitchen as you wander past Jeremy Fisher’s pond. In Part 5 takes you alone a virtual walk in Beatrix Potter’s footsteps. Where you will find out about her life with the film the Tale of Mrs Heelis. The final part of this tour takes you to Mr McGregors Greenhouse where you will meet Peter Rabbit and Benjamin bunny who have been brought to life thanks to the marvels of 3D See it doesn’t matter if the animals are real or not this is a region that is home to them in their natural environment. There are many more places that you can visit that have animals from all over the world. Cumbria is a county where that is considered one of the most beautiful parts in England and these places just show you why it is just as popular with animals just as it is with humans About the Author: 相关的主题文章: