Michelin into the shop to your taste, in the south of Zhejiang firmly aizi

Michelin into the shop down south · for you firmly treat lead Zhejiang in September 21st, "Michelin red guide · Shanghai volume" officially released, a flavor of "Qu Lin meters into the shop", is about to begin. (source: Enjoy Yaqu Author: Zhang Giovanni) public concern number are cavity tune ", see more wonderful original content! (original title: "the south of Zhejiang · for you firmly treat |" m Fun Forest "into the shop") four senior chowhound first time to build global compilation program of Shanghai Enjoy Fenduo Yaqu, opened a "Star" tour, respectively tasting four different styles: Hangzhou delicacy BBQ, Western-style food and guangdong. Enjoy certification Yaqu chowhound + Michelin star restaurant, a flavor of "Qu Lin meters into the shop", is about to begin. First, let us follow @ chapter Giovanni, go to the Hangzhou restaurant at · Zhejiang, taste delicious food safely. Michelin star rating: Address: Huangpu District Sichuan Road No. 216, Tel: Fax: 021-663231797 reference: 200 yuan per capita decoration style: simple and elegant for the dinner scene: friendship tips: part of the specialty of the elders to be scheduled in advance has been felt, eat is too personal. Although all is with the mouth, but the taste of the food is not complete "word of mouth". Because of this, before the Shanghai Michelin guide issued, even has been preheated for several months, I also do not have the real "overtake star". Do not pay attention to senior, do not pay attention to fame, what network red moon cake, ice cream, restaurant, the chicken is always blindly too much. However, this does not affect the "eat" the matter on their own requirements. As a comment on VIP, for each of the stores they eat with a serious attitude, and after the enjoyment will also write down the feelings. No matter how many of these so-called comments "water", always feel the real experience, how to be able to later have the chowhound some useful reference. On this piece of Shanghai rice "List, South · Zhejiang is one of the few Jiangsu cuisine restaurant. To tell the truth, before I even rarely heard, until this list was released, it was blown out of the circle of friends in the evaluation of a lot of people. "Indeed," eat "the good"…… It seems that the star is still reliable. Yes, I am willing to believe the "civil" reputation, over exposure of the list a whoop and a holler. Shanghai Michelin official guide App screenshot countdown 72 hours is not as difficult to imagine the reservation that Michelin announced after the restaurant’s phone must have. Close to the national day, more people need not worry. Open public comment App, see the online booking options, he chose the time. 1 minutes later, the system reminds me, failed yo. How can this give up! Call the restaurant, not busy, the phone’s attitude is also very girl!相关的主题文章: