Most people love to help Xiamen police Chen Qingzhou suffering from liver cancer about tens of thous

Most people love to help Xiamen police Chen Qingzhou suffering from liver cancer about tens of thousands of users in March last year, Xiamen fans meeting site, Andy Lau to the police Chen Qingzhou praised Taiwanese news network September 27th "a bolt from the blue!!! Got the worst of it! I didn’t expect the results to be worse than the worst! Liver cancer is transferred to the portal vein…… What should I do? Who can help me?!" This is an emergency call from micro-blog. Yesterday, this text is knocked down, the Xiamen traffic police Chen Qingzhou has been without help. 46 years old, he is a big micro-blog V, there are 786901 fans. In Xiamen local people affectionately call him "the police lights". He is keen on public welfare, Andy Lau had praised him "handsome in the soul". Behind so many titles, we don’t seem to see him stop. Qing Zhou cancer news, netizens shocked, more is to pray, to help contact the hospital. Yesterday afternoon, Chen Qingzhou has gone to Shanghai for treatment. If you want to provide medical information more help for Chen Qingzhou, please contact private letter @ Xiamen police online. Cheer him on! Over ten thousand friends last night, Shanghai has been on Saturday, Chen Qingzhou, micro-blog issued a message so that users are very sad – Ching Chau this life has not done anything bad! God, you don’t look so long, do you?" At noon yesterday, the reporter called Chen Qingzhou. Over the phone, the voice down people worried. He said, did get liver cancer, can no longer drag, to go to Shanghai treatment. And 4 days ago, he is still concerned about the Wuping missing children information, a force for children. Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Jimei branch of the first time to visit, and help contact the field of hospital treatment of related diseases. Yesterday afternoon, accompanied by his family and the Public Security Bureau, Chen Qingzhou, has been to Shanghai to heal. Chen Qingzhou cancer news by users throughout the country, by 7:30 last night, @ police Chen Qingzhou has been forwarded 8415 times, the number of comments reached 10121, users have a message for his good refueling, even many people also actively help contact the hospital. Last night, 9:20, Chen Qingzhou reported peace in micro-blog, has arrived in Shanghai. Four days ago after magnetic resonance straight universities anti fraud and partner Chen Qingzhou often said the police, September 23rd morning, Chen Qingzhou felt unwell, to the hospital to do an MRI, the doctor told him the result is not very good, the liver has a shadow, also need to be confirmed. Chen Qingzhou college propaganda anti fraud knowledge though, he is still with complex mood arrived at the Jimei University, more than two thousand college freshmen for two hall class fangpian. These years, Chen Qingzhou has been committed to the anti fraud publicity, especially for college students cheat. 7 months late, has not returned to his father’s home in Qinghai for a few years in the 10, in the leadership of the mandatory leave, with his family back to Qinghai. But due to the approaching of University School, he left home, not just worry about the social experience of college freshmen can easily fall into the trap crooks, just leave 5 days alone, rushed back to Xiamen, ready to university lectures fangpian. He specializes in students.相关的主题文章: