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[] my old real simple IKEA two personal beioufeng nest?? editor’s note: in the style of decoration, appear Nordic wind has been well received by young people to work and family love. Because it’s simple and warm, fresh and beautiful feeling, and hard with low cost, can at any time according to their own preferences collocation right furnishings, highlight the owner’s personality. Today, the old section of my house, to give you a set of two people in the world of northern Europe wind old housing renovation case, a look at it. ?? [file] apartment layout: 80 square meters building area of???? cell Name: Fayuansi West?? decoration style: Nordic style construction cost: 90800 yuan???? (layout and structure of the original owners)?? [file]?? the couple’s home, love Nordic style decoration. Because usually busy with work, back home would like to relax not too complicated, but also pay attention to the use of the function of each space in a small space. ? (Yuquanying decoration design department – Lu Wei)?? [] designers say?? the overall design using concise and lively tone, color contrast design simple lines and smooth, soft and comfortable, soft decoration in the design in order to create Home Furnishing space to the room leaving space transform. Color mix, the overall color of the space to light based, slightly dark to be embellished. In the interior of the roof and wall, three sides, no decorative patterns and decorative patterns, lines, color only to distinguish embellishment. ?? [case analysis]?? (the living room decoration before and after contrast map)?? design highlights: because the middle part of all the rooms in the living room, daylighting is very poor, the day also need to turn on the lights lighting, so the kitchen wall opened the kitchen door and before the small bedroom door opened into a large pass, so as to increase the living room of natural lighting. ?? (kitchen decoration before and after comparison chart)?? design highlights: knowing that the owners are office workers, rarely cook at home, so the kitchen is closed into the open, increase the island function, and put the small bedroom into a restaurant, the restaurant and kitchen to increase the dining space. ? (before and after the bedroom decoration contrast)? Design highlights: the entire space is mainly white + gray two shades, a sense of vision to expand the space. And regardless of the form of furniture or the overall effect of exquisite lines, so that the whole space simple without losing gorgeous. Lamps, floor and industrial wind well-proportioned, increase the level of sense of space. ? (before and after the bathroom renovation contrast)? Design highlights: before the toilet moist and disorganized, through the rational distribution of dry and wet separation, and fully functional. The use of bamboo wall tiles throughout the space, add a few pastoral flavor.相关的主题文章: