Nanan 19 year old guy to buy Xiamen delivery rise swim drowned swimming trunks 9c8950

Nanan 19 year old guy to buy swim trunks rise Xiamen shipping drowned Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (reporter Fang Shu) lad to delivery, see the front of a clear water, specially bought a pair of trunks under shade, did not think of, but never get up. Yesterday morning, Xiamen blue rescue team from the offshore nearly kilometers from the sea, there has been no signs of life. It is said that the young man had an accident in the afternoon of October 26th. "The people of Nanan, only 19 years old this year, blue rescue team captain anyway, in place of the sea around the island near the sea, after a field in the construction site. Blue rescue team received a rescue in October 27th, the search to 7 o’clock no fruit. After a night of coordination, and finally there are 2 old fishermen come forward, willing to lend vessels. "I really appreciate them!" Anyway, the 2 old fishermen also personally set sail together to find. Finally, around 10 am yesterday, the players found the missing boy. Head down on the water, there is no sign of life. The guy’s parents from Nanan arrived in Xiamen, people can not find, on the shore of bitter hope; when the guy body was back, two people cried at the top.相关的主题文章: