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"News network," the headlines reported that the Dalian coast environmental remediation in the city to provide more space for the public to enjoy the sea, to the sea. Text newspaper reporter Liu Yunzhe, chief correspondent of the newspaper, said the newspaper October 6th, CCTV news network, the headlines reported that the city’s coastal environmental remediation situation in. Reported that since the party’s eighteen years, China vigorously promote ecological construction, and strive to build a beautiful China, to achieve sustainable development of the Chinese nation. With the deepening of the concept of green development practice, an ecological security, green development is accelerating the formation of a better home. National Day holiday, people in the blue sky, green, clean water to enjoy the good life. From the survival of the ecological, from food and clothing to look forward to environmental protection, ecological awareness in the hearts of the status of the people continue to highlight, and outside into conscious action. In Dalian, volunteers use the National Day holiday, to participate in the comprehensive improvement of the coastal environment, more than 6 thousand square meters of beach to restore the natural style, to open up more people to the pro sea space. This year, the biggest change in urban environment in Dalian, the city’s coastline. Dalian is one of the longest coastline of the city, accounting for Liaoning province Coastline Length of more than 70%, accounting for 10% of the country. As the peninsula city, the beautiful sea and beautiful coastline, is the soul of Dalian. In summer, the sea water has become the public and tourists at home and abroad "standard". In order to clean up the shoreline unreasonable occupancy project, natural and effective protection of the original landscape coastal shoreline, visitors to the public to provide more space to maximize the sea, but also the sea in China, coastal environmental remediation work in July 12th this year, Provincial Committee and party secretary Tang Jun inspected the southern coastal Waterfront City, put forward for the public to make more pro sea space requirements. "To solve the problem of coastal environment, to highlight the problem oriented, do not evade the issue, dare to move really tough action, make more efforts to create a space close to the sea, sea, offshore and coastal environment for the general public." Tang Jun stressed that the road. The municipal government immediately organized public security, planning, urban construction, marine fisheries, law enforcement and other departments to implement the shoreline remediation actions to remove illegal construction and illegal Quanzhan, built a free parking lot, the public shower room and other convenience facilities to the public, visitors make a look at the sea, sea, sea of play good place, at the same time, some sea space is in the people, convenience, Huimin the principle of re planning and construction. All localities and departments to demolish illegal buildings 343 beach, banned over an area of business door 15, clear, remove secretly docked ships 73, flat beach site more than 13 square meters, 32 thousand tons of garbage removal, a short period of time has achieved outstanding results, the citizens have good point, good social repercussions. This summer, the silver sand beach look a turn the world upside down changes: more than and 30 illegally built demolished, 500 meters fence gone, 150 tons of sediment was removed, 12 thousand square meters of space becomes neat, bright…… The renovation of a new silver beach with its unique charm to attract a variety of Pro sea needs of the public. Almost at the same time, beaches and water xiajiahezi beach also began to recover.相关的主题文章: