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Ni Ping exposure: which star is not cosmetic? Even I shot Ni Ping burst entertainment artist Julian Cheung love plastic strength rub face: I don’t inject Sina entertainment news Hunan TV reality show "the first grade" not only super luxury star instructors, each episode there are heavyweight guests to help out. The third phase of the program this week the upcoming debut, the older generation of artists Ni Ping [micro-blog] and super speech Kellogg Scarlett [micro-blog], let the graduate experimental class teachers and students as cheerful as a lark. The day Ni Ping more boldly claimed, pressed Cobain students, "which is now the stars don’t change it? Even I have injections." Ni Ping boldly claimed cosmetic insider Julian Cheung [micro-blog] the old man is not God deserved Ni Ping teacher not only to friends so tongue, to students in class she more sharp cobain. This war is the theme of the debate, for students to do counseling before Cobain teacher Ni Ping, selected the most controversial topic of plastic surgery now as their training contents. To pick eight teacher Ni Ping boldly claimed, pressed Cobain students, "which is now the stars don’t change it? Even I have injections." Mr. Ni Ping speech so upright, with friends collective knees, "dare you broke the news, entertainment can not find second people! Such a direct recognition of their cosmetic surgery, it is a service." Although, Cobain students were asked to be rendered speechless all the old man is not God, but Julian Cheung jumped out. While rub his face, said: "I have no injection." To see such a lovely fairy move, fans happy. Not only the heart of the user was Meng, sitting next to his wife Anita Yuen [micro-blog] is also unable to stop laughing. Ni Ping’s ridicule Chen Jianbin [micro-blog] Li Shamin son saw the idol super excited teacher Ni Ping a debut, all standing ovation, face full is an unbelievable expression. Li Shamin more excited to say anything, "Ni Ping said in an interview, the teacher is each school broadcasting students idol." Can make her feel particularly sorry, Mr. Ni Ping is to give the students training class. Want to rub the class of the students, Ni Ping teacher was not polite to ask out. Li Shamin the look of disappointment, fans feel heartache, "poor Li Shahao, but not to see the goddess goddess class together, the program group is too cruel." In fact, the whole program of the most poor should be a teacher Chen Jianbin. Met with Chen Jianbin for many years Ni Ping teacher, just open the old joke, told in, "don’t follow him, which lost what." A remark, Chen built "Shi Wei" almost "sweeping", fortunately witty Chen Jianbin teacher himself to circle back. Just teacher Ni Ping poison tongue skill, let netizen worship, "the original Ni Ping teacher so tongue, today is my long experience, love Chen three seconds." (commissioning editor: Gong Mo Wu)相关的主题文章: