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Old experience tells you how to choose a pot, three point one level. The teapot cover is taken off, buckle the desktop, spout, Hukou, pot three is on the same level is a good pot, have seen on television at an "expert" as teaching experience. According to this standard to choose the teapot, master of the laid-off workers. Two or three points and a straight line. This problem was originally written a blog to discuss. Some friends to strict standards, there have been no less, do the teapot must master the gas vomiting blood. Three, mouth drooling. Pour tea tea a bit are not allowed to flow down along the spout. Severe salivation is allowed, but is a bit too extreme as many pots, because the shape of the pot and the kettle mouth can not be decided not to salivate, generally speaking, not because of a little bit and salivation shot, so do the teapot master have diverted.   four, no salivation. Refers to pour tea tea from Hukou outflow, in fact many of the teapot to do this; meet this standard does not mean that a good pot; slightly salivation is not equal to the bad pot; here in addition to personal use habits, but also with a pot of different type. Five, seamless cover. Some of my friends cared very much and purple sand pot mouth gap, when selecting a teapot to about Akira pot cover, if the distance between the slightest shake immediately deny the pot lid on the total value of hope is still. If a bead and Hukou gap did not think it would be better to use? As long as there is a little tea in the hukou, not close the lid, to remove the lid is annoying. Six, good. To control the outflow and stop infusion by pressing the air hole, can do it freely is a lot of friends of the pursuit of the pot, the actual use and there are few people to press the air hole to control the use of tea, it is quite freely, but rather the pot is not to press the hole, such as the shipiao. Seven, pouring water on the pot, dried quickly is good. Buy a teapot can do the experiment, the general water poured into the pot, dry fast will good price. Eight, handmade teapot than semi manual pot. The Handmade is the traditional process, the author is the test of skill, and semi manual molding of the teapot is not in the boutique; in a few isolated words and phrases.     Xiao Bian think, old experience for reference, but not blindly follow the trend, his love is not a good pot?相关的主题文章: